Winter usually quickly sneaks up on us, it seems as though we just don't want to give up the nice warm weather of the summer. No matter the reason there are a few things that you should prepare for in winter which could either make your life easier or even save you money! So you might want to take a quick look at all these aspects of your house and see if they apply to you.


Doors and Windows

These are of course the biggest problem area. You want to know if there are any cracks in the seals and caulk them if there is. This will leak probably the most heat in your whole house if you let it. A good method to find out if there is a crack or not is to light an incense and move the smoke around in the window. If the smoke goes crazy, look for a crack there is probably one in there somewhere.



If your water isn't going to be used that often, such as you travel a lot. Then you should drain your water out of your water heater. That or you could use some environmentally safe antifreeze. This is because it can freeze over and burst your pipes which will both cause a mess when you discover it and cost you a bit of money. If you have heated piping this shouldn't be an issue for you though.



For a standard fireplace you want to get it cleaned out before the snow or even fall rains hit the get it sealed of. This will prevent heat from escaping and the frigid cold from zooming down your fireplace. If you place to use it, however you should probably not seal it. However ensuring the cold from the fireplace doesn't get around to the rest of the house by ensuring a good seal in the chimney is a good idea still.



This is probably one of the things most people don't think of, but you should clean out your gutters before it gets too cold! This is because the added weight of those fall twigs and leaves will add up with the snow and then next year you might have to replace them again. A professional actually charges a bit for this kind of work too, so best to save them than replace them.


When In Doubt Ask A Professional

You can get a professional or just have a buddy come over and go around the outside of your house looking for gaps in your siding and your window seals with a tube of caulk. Especially if you have a older house this can be a big issue with siding ripping apart and letting out all your heat.