Get Your Home Ready for Sale

Your house is no longer your home when you are preparing to sell it. You have to detach yourself
from viewing your house as your home and see it with fresh eyes from the point view of a prospective buyer.

Your house is now a "product" competing with other homes on the market. Buyers are not only comparing your home to other resale homes but to brand new homes on the market. Many buyers are too busy, not capable, or just not wanting to do extensive repairs and updates themselves, so they are willing to pay more for a home that is in great condition.

For most buyers, even before they would considering coming inside to view your home, they first have to like the neighbourhood, then they will have to like the exterior appearance, or street appeal, of your home.

Take a walk out to the curb and look at your house as a prospective buyer would. Here are a few things to do to spruce up the exterior of your home:

  • Mow the lawn, weed gardens, cut back or trim trees and bushes.
  • Power wash the driveway, wash the windows, wash the siding
  • Touch up around the front door and trim
  • Get rid of any junk and garbage around the outside of the house

Once the buyer steps through the front door, they should be welcomed into a home that is clean, bright and free of clutter. Your home should also be free from any cooking odors, pet odors or any other unpleasant odors.

If you are planning on spending money on upgrades, it is best to spend it on the kitchen, bathrooms and flooring as those are the areas that are most important to home buyers.

Here are a few tips to prepare the inside of your home:

  • Clear up the clutter on the kitchen counter tops
  • De-clutter and organize your closets to make them look bigger
  • Store any unnecessary or large pieces of furniture. You want the rooms to look and feel big and for traffic to flow smoothly throughout the house.
  • Clean your appliances. Remove the kids' works of art from your fridge.
  • Fix leaky taps. Clean the tiles and grout around the showers and tubs.

Selling your home is an emotional process. It may seem like a lot of work and expense to get your home ready to sell, however, having your home in top condition will help it stand out from the competition and result in a quicker sale and for more money.