Snake Yummy, can't wait to try this recipe out can you? Actually snake meat is a very tender white meat. You never know when circumstances might force you to have to prepare one. It's good to know survival skills. Perhaps, you might even simply enjoy eating snake. Have a delicacy dinner party, it's sure to raise some curiosity.

  1. First you will need to capture a snake. Take a very sharp knife and cut it's head off. If this is a poisonous snake, please be careful. You will want to kill it by another means before handling. When you cut the head off a poisonous snake, please make sure you do not touch the fangs. The actual snake meat will not contain poison. Dispose of the snake head properly as if it is poisonous it can still harm you.
  2. If you are peeling the snake alone, nail a bit of the skin down, and hold tightly to the body. Pull the body away from the skin. If two people are skinning the snake, one needs to hold the body, while the other peels the skin away.
  3. Cut down the body to reveal the insides and remove the guts. Continue to cut the meat pieces into 2 to 5 inches long. You can split it, to make it lay flat.
  4. Cook the snake by dipping it in an egg and flour batter and skillet fry for about 5 minutes on each side.. If watching your weight or in hard times, simply cook the snake over an open flame, or broil in a kettle.
  5. When in an extremely bad fix, serve with cooked dandelion greens.

Warning: Be extra careful with sharp knifes and poisonous snakes!