If you love lobster, but want to try it in a new and flavorful way, I suggest you try lobster conga. This dish was introduced to me by a friend in Miami a number of years ago. Conga: a Cuban ballroom dance that consists of three steps forward followed by a kick. There are three steps to preparing this lobster conga, followed by the delicious kick of flavor at the end.

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Things You Will Need

Lobster meat - 1/4 lb. per person

Blue cheese

Stick Butter

Ramekins - One per person

Step 1

Lobster meat

Preparing a whole lobster in the shell can be a chore and eating it can be messy, especially if you are having guests over for dinner. Try this delicious, wonderfully tasty way to serve lobster that can easily be eaten with a fork. It is best served in individual portions in a ramekin 4 or 5 inches in diameter or a similar single serving dish.

The lobster can usually be steamed at the market where you purchase it. Often you can find frozen lobster meat as well. For this recipe, the lobster meat can be cooked or raw. First, cut the lobster meat into bite sized pieces, about 3/4" each. Pat the pieces dry with a paper towel, especially if the lobster has been previously frozen. Use about 1/4 pound of meat for each serving. Use all of the lobster meat, not just the tail. Arrange the pieces in the bottom of a ramekin or similar ovenproof, single serving baking dish.

Lobster meat

Step 2

Add Blue Cheese Next, generously cover the lobster meat with a layer of Blue Cheese. The blue cheese can either be crumbled or 1/8 inch thick slices.
Add Blue Cheese

Step 3

Add Butter Slices Now, over the blue cheese, place a layer of stick butter slices, preferably unsalted. The result will be best with unsalted butter. Layering the butter on top of the blue cheese allows the butter to melt through the blue cheese before melting into and flavoring the lobster meat.
Add Butter Slices

Step 4

Finished DishPreheat your oven to 365 degrees. Bake the lobster conga ramekins uncovered for 20 minutes. Voila! Lobster Conga!

Finished Dish

Place the ramekin on another plate and place both on a charger plate to insulate the piping hot ramekin. Serve it immediately and get ready for praises from your dinner guests.

Tips & Warnings


Some markets, such as Trader Joe's, carry frozen langostino tails and/or pieces. They make for a good variation from conventional lobster.

Using gorgonzola cheese instead of blue cheese is another way to vary the flavor.

Experiment. It's fun!