Although several cases of birth defects and congenital disorders are blamed on genetic factors, it has also been verified that the mother's lifestyle has a major role in it. How she treated her body before and during pregnancy has an impact on the development of the fetus inside her womb. For this reason, specialists recommend that before a woman tries to get pregnant, she should have adapted some habits that are favorable to her wellbeing and that of the baby she will conceive. Below are a few tips on how to prepare for pregnancy.

  1. Stay away from intoxicating substances. Drugs and alcohol should be completely avoided. These can hamper in the healthy growth of the fetus, resulting in physical or mental abnormalities. These also increase the risks of a miscarriage.
  2. Take folic acids daily. Deficiency in folate can lead to serious birth defects of the spinal cord and brain. Women who are planning to get pregnant with a baby girl or a baby boy are advised to start taking folic acids months before the baby-making process.
  3. Be physically active. Women who exercise on a regular basis are reported to have less complicated pregnancy and childbirth compared to those who don’t. They are also able to return to their usual body figure faster. See a list of recommended forms of exercise for women who are planning to get pregnant.
  4. Eat healthy. Women who are preparing to get pregnant are recommended to eat balanced meals. Refer to the food pyramid to know which foods to indulge in, and which foods to eat in moderation. Including fruits and vegetables in the diet is a must. Drink a glass of milk daily for a dose of calcium, protein, zinc, and other vitamins and minerals.
  5. See your OB-GYNE. It is important to tell your doctor about your plan to get pregnant so you will be advised on how to take good care of yourself. A regular check-up is your way to determine if there will be a complication, and what to do about it.
  6. Strengthen the bond with your significant other. Pregnancy can be difficult, and you will need all the support that you can get especially from your partner. Make sure that having a baby is what both of you want; when either of you is not ready to become a parent, it can pose a serious problem.