Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Thanksgiving is a huge event so hosting can be a daunting task. However, it can also bring you great pride to welcome people into your home that you carefully readied for them, see them enjoy themselves during the event, and reap the praise at the end. Follow these tips to help you prepare for Thanksgiving.

Step 1
Write your shopping list 3 weeks before Thanksgiving. Planning can be done as early as you like. By writing down all the ingredients you will need, you have more time to catch things that you might have forgotten. Also, run the list by family members if you would like to be sure you didn't forget their favorites.

Step 2
Shop for non-perishable items 2 to 3 weeks before the event. While you are out doing a "normal" grocery store run, you can buy the canned items like cranberry sauce and dry items such as flour if you are out. This will make your main shopping trip less daunting as the time draws near to the big event. Also, be careful not to overstock your refrigerator with "regular" meal items on this shopping trip. You need to eat for the next couple weeks, certainly, but you want to plan for the fridge to be a little extra bare the day before the big event draws near, since you'll have a lot more food in there than usual.

Step 3
Clean your house THOROUGHLY a week and a half before. This is the time to polish the wood, clean the glass, vacuum under the rug and sofa, and get all those hard to reach corners.

Step 4How to decorate for ThanksgivingCredit: Paul L. Nettles @
Decorate after you clean. Now that the house is spotless, put out festive decorations. Gourds, pumpkins, fall leaves, scarecrows, or whatever you enjoy that has a fall theme. If there are children coming to the event, you might put out decorations of turkeys, Pilgrims, and Native Americans to help them feel more festive as well.

Step 5
Shop 2 days before the event. Shopping the day before will mean extra long lines. Get your fresh produce and turkey two days before.

How to Cook a Turkey by WeightCredit: Copyright 2011 AmberdawnStep 6
Cook what will keep well in the refridgerator the day before Thanksgiving. Prepare as much as you can the day before the event, such as squash, mashed potatoes  and pies. This way you won't run out of burners tomorrow when you prepare the rest of the meal, which will be more efficient. It will also feel less frenzied if you have half as much to cook.

Step 7
Do a very light cleaning the day before the event. Only clean surfaces How to Plan an Easy Traditional Holiday DinnerCredit: Amberdawn 2011that look dirty. Since you did the major cleaning before, don't feel like you need to clean heavily again. You just did a lot of cooking, and will be cooking more tomorrow, so focus on that instead.

Step 8
Welcome your guests and enjoy the day! Happy Thanksgiving! 

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