Unemployment is a real problem in America and sadly it is not going away anytime soon. Despite reports of the economy recovering, in almost all those reports there is one repeating factor; jobs are not coming back soon and the unemployment rate will remain high. For those lucky enough to keep their job, now is the time to start preparing for unemployment and begin thinking that a job loss is right around the corner.

Things You Will Need

Becoming educated

Step 1

Begin with understanding what unemployment benefits will be available if a job is lost. Unemployment benefits can aid in keeping people on their feet, but don't count on them. Learn how much and how long unemployment benefits are there and begin planning.

Step 2

Know when and where to file for unemployment benefits. Knowing this can allow for a quick filing of unemployment and avoid a back up in bills or other problems. Falling behind on bills will only hurt the process of economic recovery.

Step 3

Increase personal savings. Increase the percentage of savings from each paycheck by cutting luxuries such as large cable packages, excessive driving and eating out. Instead funnel this money into a savings that can be used if unemployment hits.

Step 4

Shift out of the risky investments and ensure any investment is liquid. Now is not a time to be taking chances in the investment world. Be smart and be conservative with all investments. Also, make sure any investment is not tied up for a long period of time. These funds maybe needed in the future.

Step 5

Cut the family budget and eliminate expenses before something happens. The best way to avoid backed up bills is to eliminate them before the income is lost. It is critical that Americans remove the debt spending mindset and return to living within their means.

Step 6

Look at getting more education and becoming a more skilled worker. When the job market is bad, the most skilled workers will remain in demand. Become one of those skilled, educated workers. Also, go the extra mile at work. When cuts are made, the company will look to eliminate the dead weight first.
Unemployment should not be a surprise. It is not hard to know if a company is in trouble. If that is the case crank up all unemployment preparations. Also, consider finding another job. This is risky, but there are companies and segments of the economy that are working

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