Back to School Tips for Parents and Students

Going back to school is normally a time where different emotions come to light; some of us feel sad while others are happy to meet old friends; however, it is important to think about what you expect to achieve in the next academic year; and the most important thing, what do you need to do to in order to achieve your goal. You must remember that parents are the first point of contact to motivate and stimulate your children and the responsibility from the teachers is to encourage and provide the tools need to improve your knowledge.


School Uniforms or Dress Code

This is the perfect time to have a serious and beneficial conversation about the expectations that each party have; for example: what do parent expect from their sons and daughters? Likewise, what do the sons and daughters expect from the parents; it is important to have a clear discussion about the possible subjects where you know you will struggle and the possibility of getting extra help in those cases; it is vital to have an schedule of the time you will spend doing your homework and the time you will have to enjoy with your friends or watch TV; although these are simple things that can be done easily; they are always overlooked; however, a clear understanding of the points above will not only encourage mutual agreement but also will provide flexibility regarding the different norms and rules jointly agreed.

Managing your Time: Plan your Study Time

Planning the time and hours you will dedicate to your studies is fundamental if you want to succeed in school; this is a discipline that you need to master, so it is a good idea that your planning session is:

Specific: what grades do you expect to achieve? 3 A* and 1 A? Be precise.

Measurable: practice mock exams and measure your results.

Achievable: be realistic and plan according to your capabilities.

Realistic: will you be able to achieve your goal?

Timely: this is the easy objective: at the end of the academic year.

Planning in Advance           

During summer holiday, it is important that kids have a stimulating and interesting activity; this is fundamental to keep their minds active and facilitate an easier learning process during school time. The activity doesn’t have to be academic per se; but it can be combined with fun things to do such as a visit to the zoo or museum. It is also important to set a schedule for the time spend in front of the TV or computer, as well as the time they go to bed.


School Supplies:

Parents should involve the children when buying the supplies needed for school; at the end of the day, they will be the ones using them: school uniforms, notebook, pen, pencils, markers coloured pencils and others should be bought after a mutual agreement between parents and children.


Extra Curriculum Activities

The majority of schools nowadays offer many extra curriculum activities for kids; they cater for all tastes and includes: football, ballet, karate, music, swimming, debate groups, maths groups and others; it is important to motivate your sons and daughters to participate in these activities; explaining in a calm way how these will benefit them in the future and how it is the perfect way to make new friends and integrate better with other students.


Eggcell by Brigido AlcaydeCredit: Brigido Alcayde

School: Healthy Eating and Sports

Providing your kids with the right nutrients in the food they eat will help them in their studies. Eating a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, good fats such as nuts, peanuts and oily fish, as well as a good physical exercise plan will supply an extra advantage to your kids; many researches have proven that the perfect combination of diet and exercise increases the capacity of learning and resolving common problems, as well as increasing concentration levels and the self-esteem.


Best Backpack for School

Credit: Brigido AlcaydeFinding the perfect backpack for your kids should be an integral part of the advanced planning process previously mentioned; the perfect way to engage with them in the selection process is by giving them the choice between 3 of the ones that you, as a parent consider appropriate and affordable at the same time.  Browsing through the different backpacks available on Amazon I found the High Sierra Loop Backpack; I decided it to buy it because it has a 4.5 out of 5 customer satisfaction review; and to be honest, it is the best backpack I have found so far; durable and useful in terms of size and practicality.


Parental Control Settings - Safety tips for parents

Internet: Safety at Home

As a parent you need to provide your kids with the tools they need to expand their knowledge and understanding about how the world works; however, it is your responsibility to ensure they are safe online; learning how to apply extra security measures on your internet browser  is fundamental; as well as learning how to adjust the Facebook security levels in order to avoid that your children visit innapropriate websites.