Your child's christening is a very significant event for your family. It signifies your child's entry to the Christian world. Faith is an essential part in people's lives. Faith has its way of uniting people. Your child's baptism reflects your strong faith in God and love for your child.

Things You Will Need

A good quality Christening gown
Church requirements
Christening keepsakes

Step 1

Church requirements

Go to your church and inquire about baptismal procedures. Some churches specify dates for baptismal rites. Other churches entertain parents' requests to have the baptismal performed on their preferred date. Many churches conduct baptismal ceremonies in groups. There are some parents who wish to have solo baptismal rites but only selected churches cater to this kind of set-up.

Step 2

Child's godparents

Selecting your child's godparents is a very important decision. Remember that every godparent will become an important figure in your child's life. Choose godparents who can be good role models for your child. Make sure that your child's godparents can help guide your child as he grows. It is vital that you are close to the child's chosen godparents because you are partly entrusting your child in their hands.

Step 3

Christening gown

There are many lovely christening gowns to choose from. It is advisable to select a christening gown that is not only beautiful but also suits your child's delicate skin. Babies have sensitive skin. Some fabrics can easily irritate their skin. Make sure you select a christening gown of high quality and made from comfortable fabrics.

Step 4

Christening keepsakes

Make the occasion more memorable by giving out personalized christening keepsakes to family and friends attending the celebration. Christening giveaways can be something significant to the event. Examples of baptismal giveaways are personalized frames with the child's name and poem; cross key chains, resin figures of a baby; children's music CDs; small glass figures with glass etchings and many more.


Tips & Warnings