If you really want to do well in your next golf tournament, proper preparation is the key. It doesn't matter if it is a 4-man scramble, best ball, or an individual stroke-play event. You should focus on preparing yourself physically and mentally. Most golf professional say that golf is more mental than physical. I tend to believe the both of them are equal in importance. Jack Nicklaus and Tiger Woods are both mentally and physically tough, although Tiger did raise the physical bar just a little bit higher. You won't be able to hit a golf ball with just your mind and you can't think your way around the golf course with bulging forearms and six-pack abs.

You can prepare to play your best golf in just three days. It will take some discipline and dedicated practice time. But, every successfully endeavor started with a plan. I'll show you the way I won a lot of golf tournaments at the amateur level and mini-tour tour level. When I didn't win, it was never due to lack of preparation and planning. I was simple out-played by a more talented opponent that day.

Here's how to prepare for a golf tournament:

Things You Will Need

Discipline and Practice Time

Step 1

Start with analyzing the course you are going to play. If it's a course that you haven't played, stop by the pro shop during a time when it's not crowded, pick up a score card, and introduce yourself to the Head/Assistant Pro. Politely ask him for a few moments of his time. Your first question would be - What type of grass is on the greens? Then I would inquire about the most difficult holes and where are the birdie holes. Mark up the score card with the information you have obtained. Tell the Pro that you are scheduled to play in a tournament at his course and ask for a practice round during a time when the course is not crowded. Get a tee time for three days prior to your tournament.

Step 2

While the conversation with the Pro is still fresh in your mind, find out a much as you can about

the course. I usually go online the course website, view the course layout, and check the

course reviews.

Step 3

On the morning of your practice round, eat a light breakfast (avoid caffeine and heavy sweets) do some minor stretching and weight lifting prior to leaving for the course. Get to the course an hour before your tee time. Go the range and hit 5 balls each with your SW, 9-iron, 7-iron, 5-iron, 3-iron/hybrid, 3-metal, and last, but not least, your driver. This comes to a total of 35 balls. You should be able to hit 35 balls in 30 minutes.

Step 4

Clean your clubs and go to the practice green. Line up 5 golf balls, 2 ft apart, in a straight line to hole that has very little break. Putt the first ball and proceed to the next ball and so on until you have made all 5 putts. This will give you a feel for the speed of the green. Do this drill from the top side of the hole and then the right and left side of the hole.

Step 5

Toss 5 balls on the fringe of the practice green and use a 9-iron or pitching wedge to chip/bump

and run the ball to at least 3 different holes. This will let you know how the greens are checking

and releasing the ball.

Step 6

Now, proceed to the first tee box (try to play by yourself during this practice round, if at all

possible). Your objective is to get a feel for the course, not to post a score. You are going to

hit two shots on each tee box - one for position (lay up shot) and one for distance.

Step 7

Find both tee shots, record the distance to the pin for both shots and play each shot to the green

and record if green is hit or missed.

Step 8

Pick up your shots to the green and place them in a green-side sand trap. Hit each shot out of the sand trap to different positions on the green. Observe how the ball rolls on the green.

Step 9

Drop 3 balls on the green and putt at the flag from 3 different positions. Observe the breaks

and contours on the green.

Step 10

Repeat these steps for the next 17 holes and record your finds in a small hand size note pad.

Step 11

The last and final step is to go to the range and practice your swing for 30 minutes the go to the

practice green and putt for ne hour.

If you repeat this preparation for two more consecutive days prior to you tournament and study the notes you gather, you will be ready to perform at you highest level on tournament day.

Tips & Warnings