Preparing For Your Jury Trial


If you have experienced a motor vehicle accident injury recently, you may know how difficult it is to receive a decent offer from the at fault insurance company.  Many victims must hire trial lawyers who specialize in personal injury to handle their claim.

Even after completing discovery and getting testimony from witnesses and doctors, your attorney may still be unable to settle your claim.  When that happens, a personal injury jury trial is necessary.  It is very important to your case to prepare for your personal injury jury trial for the best outcome.


Meet With Your Attorney

Most attorneys will set up a meeting with their clients a week or two before their personal injury jury trial.  If they have not, be sure to request one.  Your attorney will have the best idea of what will happen at your trial.

They can go over any material and answer any questions you have about your trial.  Your trial lawyer will be doing most of the work so just relax.


Review, Review, Review

Aside from meeting with your attorney, the next best thing is to review all the material about the occurrence.  This would include any accident reports, crash reports or police reports.

Also review your written discovery responses as well as a transcript of your deposition.  Defense attorneys will try to twist your words and make the jury think that the accident was less severe, your medical injury was exaggerated or your treatment was not necessary.


Your Appearance

Unfortunately, we live in a society that judges on our appearances.  That means, it is very important to come to your trial looking professional. 

Rules For Women:

-Pant suit or nice dress
-No reveling necklines
-Heals or nice boots
-Groomed hair
-No extreme make up
Rules For Men:
-Pant suit
-Clean shave
-Nice shoes (no gym shoes)
-Groomed hair 

If your child is also involved in the accident, make sure their clothing is also appropriate.  While it is not necessary to buy them a pant suit, a nice pair of khaki pants and a button down or cute dress would work.



Most jury trials can be long and boring.  Even though your trial lawyer will be doing most of the talking, the jury’s wandering eyes will be looking at you.  It is important to look interested, sitting nice and no negative behavior like eye rolling.

Your personal injury jury trial will take more than a day.  The jury must hear testimony from parties involved in the accident, your doctors and many even a medical specialist.  Just stay calm and know that the jury will absorb all the facts to come to their decision.

Your behavior is also important outside the courtroom.  Emotions can run very high during a personal injury trial so it is important to stay calm at all time.  If the trial is not going well do not let the jurors or others know that.



Preparing for your personal injury jury trial is very important to have the best outcome possible.  With just a few simple steps your trial will be a much easier experience.