Have you been training for months on end and it is now race time? Take these How-To's to make sure you start your race day on the right foot. This guide will be great for those running marathon's, half-marathon's, and 10k's.

People underestimate the nerves and preparation involved with race morning. Due to these unknowns, the ideal race is usually not successfully completed.

Things You Will Need

Two weeks prior to race day, make a checklist of all the essentials to your normal runs. So, if you normally eat a Gu pack prior to your long runs, make sure to have this item on the checklist. The checklist being generated this far out will allow you to not miss any step of preparation when yourStart Your Race Out Right nerves begin to take over in the last 24 hours.

The following items are those that are most commonly found on checklists for races:
Running Shorts/Tech Shirt, Gu packets of desired flavors, Body Glide, Running Shoes, Hat, Sunglasses, Sunscreen, Running Chip, Running Bib, watch, iPod

These listed items are just the common ones. I have a few changes to my own checklist as you will as well. The key is generating this checklist two weeks out.

Step 1

Make sure to set multiple alarms on race day. How many times have we all thought we set the right time but hadn't. If you are at a hotel, ask for a wake-up call too. It never hurts to have multiple head's up.

Step 2

Eat what you normally would eat during training. Too often, runners test their bodies with things they learned at the Expo. Skip that. Apply new practices during training and come race day keep it all the same.

Step 3

Arrive to the race early. It is better to wait around at the race site then to be stuck in traffic trying to get there. Also, this allows you to beat everyone to the restrooms.

Step 4

HUGE EMPHASIS ON THIS ONE. Make sure to get in line to the restrooms early. Marathons port-a-potties can take up to an hour to get through the line. You will regret this if you wait.
Hopefully, these tips will make your race day a tad bit better and help you accomplish the running goals you set out on.

Tips & Warnings