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At a certain point in life, everyone gets the itch to move out. The idea of independence, complete personal space, and the ultimate freedom of not having to be bothered by the love saturated nagging that most responsible and good parents do. Yet, it isn’t all easy, and it definitely is not going to be cheap. But it doesn’t have to be impossible and it doesn’t have to leave you broke, either! There is hope!

There are many things to consider when moving out. The best thing to do is have some plan, no matter how rough, for your future. Do you want to go to college? BA, MA, Doctorate? Do you have any traveling plans? Are you looking to buy a car or another big buy? Do you absolutely need a car? What can you live without? More importantly, what can’t you live without? These are things to consider, because it may not be the best time to move out. If you have plans to go to college and you want to live in dorms, moving out would be futile and a waste of money.

It is also a good idea to plan for your financial future. What bills do you pay? A phone bill or car insurance may not be a lot to handle, but with an apartment the bills quickly stack up. Now, if you have decided that with some planning, yes you still want and can afford to move out, you still have other options to consider.

 An apartment mate is a great thing to have. Even if you can afford an $800/month apartment plus utilities (and gas, food, and other necessities), an apartment mate to split those expenses would relieve stress and provide you with company. A sibling is a great option because it is someone you know. You know their habits, their weaknesses, and how dependable they are. If a sibling isn’t an option, go for someone you know well. You don’t want to invest in a place with someone and find out that you are getting evicted with one week’s notice (this happened to friends of mine, they ended up moving back in with their parents). It is also recommended to avoid getting a place with a boyfriend or girlfriend. Despite how long you have been together, love is a choice and relationships are fickle these days. Provided a committed relationship, and perhaps the intension of either marriage or simply being with each other forever, and then go for it, though always with caution. The best choice is simply someone you can depend on in the most difficult situations. If you find out that you have some unexpected bill, or need to drive an hour away and need to be loaned $20 for gas, it would be comforting to know you can ask whomever you are living with.

Now, you know your budget, your future plans, and who you will live with. One of the most difficult parts of moving out is moving out. You may be afraid, worried, and overwhelmed. Be prepared, but don’t make it too difficult on yourself. Talk with your parents, make sure that if anything does occur—you can’t afford something, need a  ride to work, broke your leg trying to reach for coffee on top of a shelve—make sure you can still depend on them! Make sure that YOU know you can, because they are more than likely already aware that you are making the dumbest decision in your life and will be back under their roof in a few months again. That is ok. It isn’t easy to move out, because money is hard to make, and life is expensive. But don’t be held back because you are afraid you will fail. That won’t get you anywhere. 

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