Dried Leaves

Colorful dried leaves if used with a touch of innovation may provide enhancement to aesthetics that is greater and more attractive than fresh flowers. This is the power of dried leaves that can be used for making exclusive indoor display of foliage. But the decoration and aesthetics come at a much later stage. First, let’s understand how the leaves are dried and preserved.

There are 4 basic methods that are used for pressing and saving dried leaves. The first step is to choose the right leaf that is flat and not curled. Further, one also has to see that the leaf surface also does not have spotted or bumpy surface that will decrease the overall pull of the leaf when dried and displayed in the interiors. One also needs to try drying leaves in various stages of changing colors to understand the different dried finish that can be provided to leaves.

While collecting there are some other things also that need to be kept in mind. The leaf that is already dried out and curled at corners should not be selected. Further, leaves with brown spots showing the decaying process should also be ignored.

After collection process is over, the preservation of leaves can be done using different processes. Among the simplest is pressing them which is also one of the oldest techniques. Here, the leaves are pressed between two sheets of paper and while pressing seeing that the corners are straight and not curled. This is followed by pressing the paper with something heavy that make the leaf one completely dried perfect to be used for craft work. Apart from this, some other methods that are used for pressing leaves include Glycerine and Water method, and Using microwave for leaf drying and preservation. In spite of so many drying choices, still the most preferred is the pressing of leaves between books which each one of us ust have done at least once in one’s lifetime.

The preserved leaves have a variety of uses. These can be arranged together artistically to make wreaths, to be used as decorative on mantle, using them as outdoor décor piece or a variety of many other thoughtful ways these can be used for, the choice indeed is limitless and depends upon your creativity and artistic touch.

As one says, it requires only a bit of imagination to make collected dried leaves worth the value of blended preserved colors that holds in them. The process just starts with collecting a few colorful leaves. So want to give it a try!!