In versions of MS Word before 2007, hyperlinks are lost when choosing the “Save as PDF” option. You spend all this time carefully creating your links, and POOF!, save it or print it as a PDF and they will vanish. Here’s a step-by-step guide to preserve those links and save your time.


  1. Open MS Word and create the document. (Make sure to save your work on a regular basis)
  2. PDF Icon(103148)Add in your hyperlinks by selecting the text that you want to be linked and clicking on the “Insert Hyperlink” icon in the toolbar (it looks like a chain link above a graphic of the earth)
  3. When the “Insert Hyperlink” dialogue box is open, make sure “Existing File or Web Page” is selected in the left column.
  4. Add the URL you want to link to in the address field. Make sure to include "http://" before the the URL or it will not work (e.g. There is no validation on this step and Word will let you link to anything, so make sure your URL is correct.
  5. When you are satisfied with your link, click the “OK” button and your link will be created.
  6. Then, and this is going to seem a little strange, you’re going to email the file. Under the “File” menu, choose “Send to” and, in the fly-out menu, choose” Mail Recipient as PDF. This will create an email with your default email application with the PDF attached to it.
  7.  Go to your default email program, find the new email that MS Word just created, open the PDF and you’ll see that your links are preserved. Save the PDF to your desktop or wherever you prefer to save documents. You don’t need to send the email. Just close the email draft.

That’s it. The links you created in your Word document in steps 1-5 will be preserved in your new PDF document. You can share your PDF via email or upload to a document sharing service like Scribd and the links will work perfectly.