Preserve a Bit of Spring

Have you ever seen a beautiful flower or leaf and wanted to take it home and keep it forever? That is exactly what pressing flowers allows you to do!

By pressing  flowers and leaves we can preserve them to display around the house, or use in scrapbooks, art projects and wedding decorations. 

Bellow you will find instructions for basic pressing!

Ivy Leaf

How to Press Flowers

Step 1: Get your press ready.  There are different types of presses that can be used.  A basic press could be made of a few heavy books. But, if you're interested in pressing foliage often, it might be smart to invest in a press. 

Step 2: Pick your foliage.  Flowers with large petals that lay flat work the best although other flowers can be used with success.  Some flowers that work well include Black-Eyed Susan, Daisies, Hydrangea, Orchids, Roses, and Tulips. It's best to pick the foliage you plan to use when it's dry (mid-day) and at the peak of its blooming (if it's blooming).

Step 3:  Allow the blossoms to dry completely before pressing.  If needed, you can speed up the process by using a paper towel to carefully wipe off excess moisture. Rose

Step 4: Place your plant matter into the press and on top of a couple of sheets of newspaper or blotting paper. The purpose of this, is to soak up the moisture while the plant dries. This is especially important if you are pressing flowers in a book that you wish to use again.  Make sure the blossoms are not touching as they will most likely stick together. Get creative though!  You can lay blossoms on their side if you want them to look more like a bud (think rose), or lay them out flat.  If you want a couple of flowers to be pressed together you can overlap the edges of the plants.  When the flowers are positioned appropriately lay a second layer of newspaper over the top of the blooms and clamp the press shut.

 Step 5: Every couple of days you will want to change the blotting sheets or newspaper to dry ones.

Step 6:  Take your flowers out of the press.  Small blossoms and leaves take only 2-3 weeks, while large and or thick ones take up to 6 weeks. As you change the blotting sheets you can also check on the progress of the drying plant. The plant is done when it is dry to the touch.

Step 7: Enjoy your flowers year round in whatever projects your heart desires!


Dried Rose

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