How do you prevent acne? There are so many resources on the internet, television, and in print about how to get rid of acne once you have it. But did you know that by taking a few simple steps to improve your life, you can prevent acne before it even happens? Acne prevention is secret that acne removing creams, lathers, and facial scrub producers don't want you to know.

Acne prevention is influenced by many different factors, some more preventable than others: genetics, products you use, your environment, your diet, and even acne all contribute to acne breakouts. Obviously, you can't change your genes to prevent acne, but you can take some natural steps to prevent acne from affecting your life.

Things You Will Need

a desire to succeed in preventing acne


Step 1

First, to prevent acne, pin down the cause of your acne. Some of acne is caused by genetics of having a more oily face, or simply just being a teenager who is prone to acne, but not all acne is. If you pin down the cause of your acne as an action you've inadvertantly taken, then it will be easy to prevent acne in the future.

Step 2

Next, to prevent acne, throw out the makeup if you're female, or at least tone it down. I can hear gasps already. But have you ever seen the girl in the store who has a face full of acne, and tries very hard to conceal it, but despite her best efforts it is still visible? It's a vicious cycle. The foundation which was meant to conceal blemishes, give your face a nice tone, and conceal acne and acne scars actually clogs your pores, making acne worse. So to prevent acne, step one is using the minimum amount of concealer that you feel comfortable with using.

Step 3

Next, to prevent acne, watch what foods you're eating. Certain foods high in grease lend to having a greasier face, contributing the the acne which you wish to prevent. Instead, eat foods that are high in protein, such as fish, eggs, or nuts, which have been known to contribute to a healthier complexion and prevent acne. Exercise never hurts either, but many times all that is necessary to prevent acne is a simple change in diet.

Step 4

Next, to prevent acne, shower regularly, but wash your face with only hot water, and not soap. It's the same basic principle as makeup. The chemicals in soap may tend to clog your pores over time, so to prevent acne stick with the soap for the rest of your body, but only water for your face.

Step 5

Finally, to prevent acne, do a natural pore cleanse from time to time. Sit in an area with lots of steam such as a steam room at the gym, or the shower of your home, to allow the pores of your face to open, revealing the dirt in your pores. Once your pores are opened, apply gente pressure to clear dirt from offending pores, and gently wash your face with water. Having clean pores is an excellent way to prevent acne in the future.
Preventing acne doesn't have to mean putting harsh chemicals on your face. Preventing acne naturally is just as easy, if not easier than preventing acne with chemicals. With a few simple changes in your life, you'll never touch another acne removal product again.

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