Does your job make you prone to getting carpal tunnel?

Writers, Office Workers, Hair Stylists, Chefs, Nurses, Construction Workers, Athletes and Maybe YOU!

There are lots of professions in which people are doing repetitive motions with the hands, wrists and forearms making them very likely to develop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. For writers that are constantly on the computer with little breaks this is a very likely problem. Many people join online writing sites or start their own blogs or websites with the intention of writing 100 articles or more for the additional residual income it will eventually afford and many more writers would love to quit their day jobs and become full time writers.

Spending too much time at the laptop or computer, as well as any other repetitive motion of the wrists, hands and arms can create a condition called carpal tunnel syndrome. Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused by a compression of the median nerve in the wrist due to swelling of any of the nine tendons. It can be painful reducing the amount of writing online, as well as affect sleep due to numbness, tingling and immobility of the hands, wrists and arms. Take these steps to allow successful continuation of your online writing or any other job without pain and discomfort.

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Wrist support

Hand and wrist exercises

Carpal Tunnel

Many jobs that involve repetitive wrist, hand and arm movements potentially result in a syndrome when the tendons become compressed and swollen. Knowing this can help you take measures to prevent it and the sooner you take action, the more likely you are to avoid pain and complications. Use one or all of these suggestions to prevent cpt:

Take breaks from the computer

Create a writing schedule. Time yourself for your writings on other online sites to avoid continuously working on the computer and allow ample breaks in between writing sessions. This will minimize the chances of acquiring this oftentimes debilitating condition. Use a hand and wrist exerciser on your break to keep the muscles and tendons stretched.

Create your writing workplace

Set up a comfortable working area for the laptop or computer with a desk or table and height appropriate desk chair. Keeping proper body alignment, arms level to the desktop with a resting area for the arms will help.

Maintain proper body posture

Keeping proper body posture will help to minimize carpal tunnel syndrome. Keep the back straight while sitting at the desk, with feet on the floor, shoulders back and abdominal muscles pulled in.

Wear a wrist support

Wear a wrist support as needed to help relieve pain and discomfort from frequent time spent on the computer or laptop.

Exercise wrist, hands and arms

Do frequent upper body exercises to prevent carpal tunnel. Squeezing a tennis ball is a good example of a simple exercise that can help as well as hourly stretches to lengthen the tendons. Massaging all parts of the arms frequently will also help. Don't miss Stretching Exercises for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

 Voice to Text Software could prevent carpal tunnel

 Consider using one of the new voice to text software devices on the market to give yourself a total break from typing on the computer and simply dictate your words - watch them print on the page!


Tips & Warnings

  • Seek medical advice for unrelieved numbness, tingling and sharp pain in hands, wrists and arms which may require eventual surgery.

  • Stretching should not be painful. If pain persists, seek medical attention.

  • Adding yoga to the routine exercise regime can help since yoga involves various stretching moves that elongates the muscles and tendons.

  • Adding an ice pack to sore arms, especially at the hands and wrists can alleviate pain and swelling.

Add any comments below on if you've used these tips for cpt or for any questions you might have.

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