Hair loss is one of the most feared cosmetic issues of men. Lots of men won't even comb their hair too much for fear of loosing their precious hair. There is good news though, while you still need to be gentle with your hair there are solutions.


How Hair Loss Happens

Before we get into how to prevent loosing your hair you should know how and why it happens. Most men lose anywhere from 70-80 hairs in a single day, you hardly ever even notice that many though do you? That's because two or three new hairs replace those every day. As you grow older though you just stop growing as many back. This leads to noticeable thinning which usually gets you stressed out. This is bad because stress directly relates to the hormones which are used to replace your lost hair. This leads to even more hair loss. It is a vicious cycle, I know, but there is hope. It is best to catch it early and prevent hair loss completely, but it is never too late.


Get More Sleep

Your hair growing is usually done while you are sleeping. Specifically during your deep sleep cycles. This is why it is recommended to get 8 hours of sleep a night. You don't necessarily need that much sleep, but the deep sleep is what counts and gets your body repaired.


Wash Your Hair Daily

Some people sometimes will skip a day here and there throughout the week. This is OK when you were younger, however, anymore your hair shafts will get crowded with dirt and not be able to grow. This is where the thinning can occur. Sometimes even if you wash your hair enough you are not running the shampoo in enough to get to and clean the scalp, this is very important.


Daily Protein

Protein is a very important part of the body. Muscles are made of protein but so is hair! That is why if you don't have enough protein in your body then your body might be skipping new hair in favor of staying functional. So make sure that you get a snack every day that is loaded with protein, such as peanuts or cottage cheese.


Don't Use Gels

Hair gel is really good for getting your hair just right, but it is bad for your scalp. That is why you should go with an all natural product such as Aloe Vera gel. This will allow your scalp to breathe while still holding your hair in place. Admittedly it doesn't do the same job but its better than the alternative, right?


Other Options

There are some products out there that seem to work for some people. I am sure you have seen them, they get mixed results. Some people will swear they work and others will see no effect. They might be worth looking into if none of these seem to be having any effect on you. If you are desperate there are options that involve surgery, they are much more expensive but will yield literally instant results.