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During summer season, many people complain and fear about getting heat stroke. This is not a surprise since summer is where the sun heat is too much to handle by an individual. A person can experience heat stroke when his body temperature reaches 40.6 degree Celsius or higher. While some people made a wrong impression that fever and heat stroke are the same – both are in the form of high temperature – doctors and medical experts labeled heat stroke as something dangerous and can pose a great risk for our health.

Symptoms of Heatstroke

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The symptoms for heat stroke can be distinguished from fever mainly because it involves drying of the skin, dizziness, muscle cramps and fatigue. The major cause of having heat stroke is because of too much exposure to the sun. This should be avoided but since many people cannot resist the inviting heat of the sun along with the possible things that you can do under it such as going to the beach, more and more people are exposed to the risk of getting heat stroke.

Heatstroke Prone

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Anyone can be a victim of heat stroke but the most affected are people that are old, infants and those that work under the heat of the sun for longer hours. Also, people that are obese and drink a lot of alcohol are also exposed to it. Doctors advise the people that whenever you are feeling an unusual heat from your body and you are having doubts that you are affected with heat stroke, consult with your doctor immediately. This condition can cause serious effects to your health that is why it’s important that you address the condition directly. A person who is quite afraid for his health is in constant search on how to prevent heat stroke from occurring. Medical experts wanted to help the public and release tips on how to decrease your chance of getting heat stroke.

Heatstroke Prevention Tips

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Below are some proven and effective tips on how to prevent heat stroke from occurring.

  • When going outside, limit your time. Go out during the time when the sun is not too hot such as early morning or early evening. In this way, you can still do some of your daily stuff that you like such as gardening.
  • Drink more water. When you perspire much, make sure that you drink lots of water. It will replenish the loss of water in your body.
  • Say no to sugary drinks. It will cause you to get dehydrated and avoid too much cold drink as it can create heat cramps inside your stomach.
  • When you can, stay inside your house most of the time especially during heat season. You can use your air conditioner and keep yourself comfortable always.


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When you are a person that really wants to go outside during the peak hour of the sun, then you will have two golden rules – stay hydrated and try to find some shade when out in the heat. Do not overly expose yourself in the heat of the sun. Drink water as much as you can – do not go for sugary drinks or drinks that are loaded with caffeine for it can only dehydrate you.