If you're thinking about taking your dog on vacation or on weekends during summer it is good to keep in mind and be aware of some tips in order to prevent your favorite pet from suffering from heatstroke and dehydration.

Heatstroke is apparently very common in the case of dogs especially during warm periods, and can occur not only when they are exposed to the sun for too long, but also when you let them stay in the car with the windows closed. If you have not parked in the shade, in 20 minutes the temperature will reach an outstanding value and it will surely affect your pet.

All dogs that have short or flat nose, including Bulldog, Boxer, Pekingese, Rottweiler, Saint Bernard, are susceptible to heatstroke because their breath is sluggish. When heatstroke occurs, the dog becomes aggressive, will bite without a reason, running away from you, walking uncertainly and trembling. Bloodshot eyes and accelerated heartbeat also confirm the diagnosis.

In the above cases, regardless of the type of your dog, you should immediately remove it from its environment and take the animal in the shade and spray it on the head with cold water (but not overly cold, because this will harm it). Place it on a towel and dip his head in cold water in order to lower their internal temperature. Another important suggestion would be to make it drink some water. Finally, in case your dog loses consciousness, you should immediately pay a visit to the nearest vet.

Another situation when heatstroke could occur is when you take your pet to the beach. In this case, there are also some important tips you will need to be aware of.

    - Go to the beach in places where dogs are able to bathe at regular intervals.

    - Make sure your dog always has a shady place and drinkable water.

By considering these very simple facts, you will be able to ensure that your favorite pet will always be as healthy as possible and you will enjoy taking it with you wherever you go.

Alternative Treatments for Heatstroke

Always keep in mind that when the dog's temperature increases too much, it can even have fatal consequences. Therefore, the pet should be cooled immediately, either by spraying with water or (especially if it's a small size dog) wrapping it in wet towels. In extreme cases the vet will put small pieces of ice on the gums and will do everything possible to keep the situation under control.

In order to ensure the proper condition to your pet it is also a good idea to have a fan that is constantly functioning in your house, so the dog will be able to cool down when necessary. Finally, water and ice cubes are always a good idea and will help cool the atmosphere.

All in all, you should regard heatstroke as a very serious threat for your pet and do everything possible to prevent it.