Hypothermia is the lowering of body temperature under the normal physiological limits. This can occur when a dog spends a longer period of time at very low temperatures. Symptoms of hypothermia are difficulties in breathing, weak pulse, apathy and low reflectivity.

If your dog is suffering from hypothermia it is completely recommended for you to try and restore its body temperature placing bottles of hot water around it. If your pet is not recovering after this you should ask for the help of a veterinarian who will administer the infusion, anticoagulants and cardiac solutions in order to restore its vital functions.

If you do not intervene in time, the dog may have a big shock because of the lack of oxygen at the cellular level, when the body temperature reaches a value that is over 24 °C. Another important prevention method is related to covering your pet with special clothes and having its hair cleaned and the snow removed from its ear, if applicable.

Signs of Hypothermia


First of all, one of the first signs that indicate an abnormal temperature of your pet’s body is related to excessive shaking. This is very common in most of the dogs and in some of the situations you will also see your pet experiencing weakness and even drowsiness.


First Aid

Besides warming up your pet with bottles of hot water, there are some other important suggestions to be taken into consideration as well. First of all, you should avoid placing the bottles too close to the dog, since it may cause burns and other similar affections.


An alternative solution would be to use an electric blanket applied directly onto your dog, or a towel that could serve as protection for the most sensitive areas from its body. In addition to this, you can always use hair dryers in order to warm its extremities, because they are the first ones affected by hypothermia.

Furthermore, a towel will always stimulate the reappearance of the vital sign of your pet and this will definitely help a lot during the process. However, make sure you always pay great attention in order to avoid harming its skin, because in some of the situations the water used to wet the towel can be dangerous.

Finally, after taking all the necessary steps in order to improve the overall health condition of your dog, a visit to the vet is absolutely recommended in order to finalize the process successfully. In this way, you will make sure that the problem is over and there were no serious side effects caused by hypothermia. Especially if your dog is only a few months old, it will be very sensitive to such problems and you should be really careful when it comes to avoiding this situation.


All in all, if you consider all the aspects mentioned above you will learn how to prevent hypothermia from causing serious harm to the health of your dog and the overall health of your pet will see a significant increase.