Prevent Mold Growth in Front Load Washers

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How to prevent mold growth in front-load washers is a question many consumers often wonder about. Front-load washers are often the first choice due to the benefits that the units offer. Unfortunately, the same features that help you save money can also promote mold. You may not know that your front-load washer has a mold problem until you use a mildewy towel or put on a smelly t-shirt. The good news is that you can take simple measures to prevent mold growth in your washer.

Things you’ll need to prevent mold-growth in front-load washers:

  • Laundry detergent
  • Bleach
  • Water
  • Humidifier

 Step 1

Prevent mold growth by removing all wet clothes.  Do not let the clothes sit in the washer. Remove them as soon as the wash cycle is over. Humidity from wet clothes can cause mildew odors and lead to mold growth.

Step 2

Let the washer’s interior dry after using it. Leave the door ajar to allow air ventilation. It will help the interior and detergent dispenser dry out. Otherwise, moisture left in the washer combined with a dark enviorment is the perfect setting for mold-groth to develop.  

Step 3

Opt for liquid laundry detergent instead of a powder product. Powder formulas often do not dissolve completely and the residue can promote mold.

Step 4

Make a bleach-water solution in a bucket and clean the gasket regularly. The bleach will kill and remove mold spores and prevent new mold growth.

Step 5

Occasionally run a hot wash cycle to get rid of any residue and kill mold spores. Adding bleach to the cycle is also a good idea.

Step 6

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding the special cleaning cycle that all front-loaders have.

Step 7

Use high efficiency (HE) detergents only. Such detergents are formulated specifically for front-load washers. They reduce residue and optimize washing power.

Step 8

Keep the humidity down in your laundry room. If you cannot open a window, run a humidifier. Mop up any water spills on the floor and don’t leave damp clothes in the room. Create an anti-mold atmosphere.

Although some front-load washer models are more mold-friendly than others, you can take precautions to prevent mold from developing. Keep the interior dry. Don’t leave wet clothes in it overnight, and clean the gasket regularly. Tips such as these will help you enjoy the benefits of your front-load washer for many years to come.

Tips & Warnings

**If your washer already has mildew or mold, use a mold removal product. For tips on how to remove mold from front-load washers and towels, refer to the related articles section at the bottom of this article.

**Replacing the gasket may resolve any mold issues. Afterward, apply the pointers listed above to prevent new mold growth.

**Front-load washer care requires a bit more time than top loaders, but if you follow your manufacturer’s care instructions, you can keep your washer mold-free and your clothes smelling fresch.

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