Mosquitoes can be one of summer's most irritating insects. They buzz, annoy, and leave painful bites. Instead of using a chemical repellent to get rid of these guys, why not just take steps not to attract them to your picnic at all?

Things You Will Need

Outdoor event

Light colored clothing

Step 1

Watch your activity level. Mosquitoes are attracted to several things that your body produces when overly active. When you sweat, : the sweat itself, carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and an increased humidity around your body.

Step 2

Be careful where you plan your outdoor activities. Much like people, mosquitoes love to be in the shade on a hot day, and tend to congregate around water. Try to plan your picnic in the sun without tall grasses or nearby ponds. ‚ Also, they are similar to humans in that they prefer to come out in the cooler parts of the day, like the early morning and late evening hours when it is cooler outside. ‚

Step 3

Mosquitoes are directly attracted to certain smells and sights of humans. Avoid wearing dark colors and fruity or flowery scents. ‚ Pay attention to everyday items that may give you a flowery fragrance such as shampoos, lotions, laundry detergent and fabric softener.

Mosquitoes can be hard insects to avoid, especially when they are so prevalent during the summer months. But by taking these steps to stay out of their path, one might be able to prevent their irritating bite.

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