Muscle cramps usually come about when muscles contract by force and without notice. In most cases, muscle cramps are an indication of health and nutritional deficiency.

For example, the condition is an indication of lack of electrolytes. The cramps are very devastating and very painful and they can easily result to you missing a number of exercise lessons. The good thing is that you can easily prevent the cramps from occurring.

Some of the ways of preventing the cramps include:

How to Prevent Muscle CrampsCredit: Royalty-Free Stock Photo

Hydrating Your Body

If you regularly have muscle cramps and you don’t drink a lot of water, you must be experiencing the cramps as a result of excessive electrolytes in the body.

To avoid dehydration when working out, you should ensure that you drink 8 ounces of water before working out. If you can afford, you can also drink a sports drink before you engage in any workout.

You should then drink 7-10 ounces of water every 10-20 minutes of workout—if you are working out in hot environments; however, if you are working in cooler conditions, you should drink 6 ounces of the fluid every 15 minutes.

In addition to drinking water before workout, you should also ensure that you regularly drink water throughout the day. It’s recommended that you drink water before you sleep. This is because you tend to lose a lot of fluids in your sleep.


Stretching before and after workout aids in keeping your muscles cramp-free. When stretching, you should ensure that you stretch all of your body muscles. You should be cautious and make sure that you stretch only after five or ten minutes of warm-up.

For ideal results, your warm-up can consist of easy exercises such as walking and jogging. When stretching, you should make an effort of holding each stretch for 30 seconds. To avoid straining your muscles, you should use slow, gentle motions.

Some people tend to undergo cramping when going to sleep. If you are one of these people, you should highly consider stretching before going to bed.

Be Consistent In Your Exercises

It has been shown that you tend to suffer from cramps when you are inconsistent in your exercises; therefore, if you want to avoid the cramps you should be consistent in your exercises.

Eating Right

In addition to being consistent in your exercises you should also make certain that you eat right. Here you should take vitamin B complex in order to get rid of leg cramps. Eating the right amounts of potassium and electrolytes has also been shown to play a vital role in eliminating cramps.

Engaging In Short Bursts

Engaging in too intensive exercises brings about muscle cramps which make you feel very uncomfortable. To avoid cramps you should engage in less intensive exercises for short bursts.

These are some of the best ways of preventing muscle cramps. If you do all the above and you still experience cramps, you should highly consider visiting your doctor who will advice you on the steps that you should take to make sure that you prevent the condition from occurring.