Osteoporosis is due to very weak bones which progressively happen in age, especially after menopause, although, Osteoporosis can happen at any age. The best way to prevent Osteoporosis is to develop habits early in your life that will not lead to it. There are many things to do if you are still at an age before menopause. Once your body has reach menopause, your body won't make estrogen in quantities enough to help prevent this disease. If you are a woman and small boned, you are at higher risk for Osteoporosis.



Things You Will Need

Herbs, Vitamins and the will to change your lifestyle

Step 1

Diet-Eating foods with lots of calcium like yogurt, broccoli and spinach is helpful. Eating a nutritious diet throughout your life is extremely important for you later years. Consider a vegetarian diet as it is said that Vegetarian have a much lower risk of Osteoporosis due to not as much protein in diet. Taking care to supply your body with good nutrition is the key to prevention. To prevent Osteoporosis eat properly.

Step 2

Exercise - Exercise is one of the most important points when it comes to your bones. If you are not active, you may want to think about the future health of your body and Osteoporosis can be a huge health risk to your body. To prevent Osteoporosis, why not start an exercise program?

Step 3

Calcium - Low supply of calcium in the life of a person can contribute to getting Osteoporosis. This is based on daily intake of calcium which is habitual. Make sure you get your calcium and taking supplements in your forties is a good idea.

Step 4

Vitamin D- Vitamin D helps the calcium we get in our diet to be absorbed for use in our bodies. If we don't get enough Vitamin D, we will not get the proper amount of Calcium. Even a small amount of sunlight in a day can give us enough vitamin D to help do this. If you don't get sunlight, make sure you get Vitamin D through foods like egg yolk and fish.

Step 5

To help prevent Osteoporosis from damaging your bones there are things you should avoid as well. These things are excessive alcohol use and smoking. If you drink alcohol excessive you may be at much higher risk to bone mass loss. If you smoke, you will not be able to absorb the calcium your body takes in as it should. This in turn may lead to bone mass loss and cause Osteoporosis.

Tips & Warnings