Snoring affects millions of people worldwide. Snoring, thought by many to be merely an annoyance, can in actuality be a sign of a more serious condition. No matter what the cause - snoring should not be ignored. Though there is no outright cure or pill you can take tonight and never snore again there are treatments and tips to help you cope with or end snoring. If you are looking for ideas on how to prevent snoring in you, your partner or a loved one... read on. 


How to Prevent Snoring By Changing Sleep Positions

Sleep on your side instead of on your back or stomach.This puts less restriction on the lungs and airways which can help alleviate some factors which cause a person to snore. 


How to Prevent Snoring by Elevating your Head

Whether you add a few extra pillows or folded blankets under the head of your mattress or some blocks or support beams under the legs of the head of the bed. This elevation can make breathing easier and less strained which will help to reduce the snore factor. 


How to Prevent Snoring with Weight Loss

 If you happen to be overweight this excess weight can be one of the factors that cause you to snore. By losing weight you will decrease the pressure put on airways that can cause or incite snoring.


Individuals who are on the heavier side that have issues with loud snoring may also unknowingly be experiencing sleep apnea. Sleep apnea occurs when an individual stops breathing during sleep for even brief periods of time, which can lead and be indicative to other health issues. In some cases - of sleep apnea (obstructive sleep apnea) weight loss can eliminate the issue all together. [371]


How to Prevent Snoring by Abstaining from Alcohol and Sleep Aids

Some people who are known to snore may experience increased snoring after taking sleep aids or after consuming alcohol. Both of the previously mentioned substances cause the body to relax a little too much and can bring on an extreme case of the snores. 


By avoiding the use of alcoholic beverages and medications designed to help you sleep, you can help eliminate one possible cause of snoring. 


How to Prevent Snoring by Eliminating Dairy from your Bedtime Routine

Dairy containing products can cause an increase in mucus production. So, if consumed before bedtime these dairy products can increase mucus and therefore increase the chances of snoring. If you must have dairy save it for a few hours before bedtime to avoid breathing difficulties during sleep. 


How to Prevent Snoring by Use of Snore Aids.

There are so many different products from mouth guards, breathe-right nose strips, jaw and chin straps, special pillows, side sleeping promotion devices that are designed to provide relief to sufferers and help stop snoring. 


Most of these products can safely be used by following the directions and warnings and will have mixed results depending on the individual and the extent of their snoring problem. Not every snore aid or device is right for everyone or every condition that causes snoring. Check with your physician to see what options will work best for your condition. 


Other things to keep in mind when dealing with snoring issues are other potential short term causes such as; allergies, colds and flu's. Also note that for more serious sufferers there are surgical procedures that can be done to eliminate the cause of snoring. Talk to your doctor for more information regarding all the available medical options.