Snoring is a large issue in a lot of relationships. Sometimes you can keep your partner awake all night and they will just be angry with you in the morning for something you didn't know you did! You are in luck though as there are plenty of methods that can help prevent snoring before it even happens or even just at the early warning signs.


Why You Snore

Your air passage ways are what allow you to live. It gets air from your nose and mouth to your lungs. Sometimes these passage ways will close up when you lie down, you ever notice its a little harder to breathe when lying down? This is because the tissue will collapse in a bit. The looser this tissue is the more it will vibrate when we breathe.


Dangers of Snoring

If you have only a mild snore then you should pay no attention to this section. However, if your snoring gets very loud and possibly to the point of it even waking you up then you should see your doctor about sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a severe issue if not taken care of soon.


Prevent Snoring Easily

Sometimes if you are overweight this can be your problem. Snoring is from the air ways being constricted and fat will push the air ways closer causing more snoring. This why is sometimes even dropping just a few pounds will make all the difference.


Getting smoke out of your environment can seriously help you as well. Smoke will clog up your air passage ways while also requiring your lungs to breathe more often due to the lack of oxygen and inclusion of smoke. This can come from both second hand and first hand smoking.


Sleeping on your side is another way you can cut or possibly eliminate your snoring. Some people it is just a simple issue of their tongue sliding back and blocking the air ways. Sleeping on your side will keep your tongue out of there and your air ways open. You can also elevate your head with as little as an extra pillow if you can't sleep on your side. This will allow your head to be a little more forward and possibly keep your tongue and jaw forward.


Stop eating dairy food before bed. Dairy foods cause a lot of mucus to build up in your throat and this will also block your air passages. This can go along with reducing your alcohol intake before bed. While you would think that alcohol would help. It actually causes your air way to relax and collapse a little which is the opposite of what you want.