Stop Static Electricity Shocks

Static electric shocks happen to all of us at some point; they are just one of those things that we have to deal with from time to time. Of course, they definitely increase in frequency and intensity during the winter time. Static electric shocks can be unpleasant at best, and quite painful at worst. They can also be embarrassing, especially when you are walking with a friend and jump from the shock. Most friends will laugh, but that doesn't make it any less embarrassing- or painful! Ouch! Some people are just predisposed to getting shocked more than others. If you find that you are getting more than your fair share of static shocks, here are a few ideas that just might help you to decrease your risk of getting shocked.

Electric shocks caused by static electricity generally happen when there is a change in the material that you are in contact with. For example, if you walk across the carpet, tiny electrons are moving from the carpet onto your body. You now have excessive electrons that are waiting for action. When you touch something, such as a metal doorknob, all of the electrons jump from you to the doorknob, causing the shock. Ouch!

A lot of people often get shocked while getting out of their vehicle. If you find that you get static shocks when getting out of your car, you may want to try to maintain contact with a middle part of the door while you were stepping out of the vehicle. Also, rubbed the seat of your car with a dryer sheet or other fabric softener sheet a couple of times a month. If you find that you're getting shot while pushing a cart at your local grocery store, believe it or not, maintaining physical contact with the shopping cart at all times will help prevent you from becoming a victim of static electric shocks. If you find that you are shocked in the grocery store often, try bringing a dryer sheet in your purse or pocket and wipe it on the cart handle before you begin shopping. This simple step can easily and quickly increase your comfort level, making your shopping trip a pleasant experience instead of a (pardon the pun) hair-raising experience.

Another effective technique to reduce your risk of static shocks is keeping your hands extra moisturize. You can do this with a good quality moisturizing lotion, applied a couple of times daily. I have also heard of people that will actually wear a metal thimble on their finger or a bamboo ring. These have been said to help decrease the risk of shock. You can also try carrying a coin in your hand at all times, and wearing leather shoes. Leather shoes can help provide additional grounding to help prevent you from getting shocked.

If these suggestions don't help to eliminate or decrease the shocks that you received, you just may have to accept that you have an absolutely electrifying personality!