Stretch marks are a scar that is visible through the skin. They usually make the person with them be self conscious about it, however there are ways to prevent you from getting stretch marks in the first place.


Stay Hydrated

Your skin is very stretchy. That is the nature of what your skin is meant to do, however without proper hydration your skin will dry out. When your skin is dried out then it won't be able to stretch out as far and will cause you to get stretch marks. That is why you should know how much your recommended daily intake of water is and get a little more than that, just to make sure.


Get Your Vitamins

Vitamins are pretty much vital to your skin and its ability to repair itself. Your body doesn't want to make stretch marks just like you don't want to get them. It's the lack of necessary materials that is the reason it gets stretched out too far. Things such as Vitamin A, B1, B2 and B12. These are used for everything from assisting your skin cells in dividing to energy production of your skin cells. This essentially will let your skin grow faster than normal, which will help it adapt to being stretched a lot faster.


Balance Out Your Diet

Not only can you get some of the important vitamins from your food, but keeping as much weight as possible off will help keep stretch marks off your body as well. Sudden weight changes lead to stretch marks, however if your goal is to gain weight but don't want to get stretch marks you can do it slowly. That is the main thing people have to remember is that sudden changes which your skin cannot keep up with will cause it to stretch.


Moisturize Your Skin

This is the final and possibly one of the most important steps. You want to apply some lotion to your skin daily. If you are pregnant then apply lotion three times a day at least. Your skin will dry out much faster when you are pregnant and cause you lots of problems if you aren't careful. Otherwise though a single time after a shower should be good enough.


Sometimes They Cannot Be Helped

Occasionally due to hereditary reasons you just cannot stop yourself from getting stretch marks. This is nothing to panic too much about. As long as you took good care of your skin you can get rid of them. You should try some Coa-Coa butter first and see if there is any improvement. If you get desperate enough and nothing works though you can ask your doctor if you are healthy enough for laser surgery. They will just burn off the scar tissue that is preventing the skin from repairing itself under the first few layers. Then it should heal up nicely just like it never happened. Of course this option will cost a bit of money, but the option is there at least if need be.