Many people tend to be quite bothered by stretch marks that may be caused by any of a number of factors like heredity, dry & less elastic skin, rapid weight loss, or in the case of women - overstretching of skin due to pregnancy.

Stretch marks usually form on the lower abdominal area and the sides of the tummy. Skin care product manufacturers brandish so many innovations that promise to show people how to prevent stretch marks in a matter of weeks.

Alas, most products turn out to be ineffective. The really discomforting thought is that stretch marks never completely disappear, unless, of course, you have cosmetic surgery (which is not without its risks) or count on your lucky stars for your stretch mark removal cream to work wonders.

Realistically speaking, there are two ways to get rid of stretch marks: One is to let them fade over time, and the other way is to prevent the stretch marks from happening in the first place, or reoccurring.

Granted that hormonal changes and genetics are beyond your control, there are things you can do to minimize or avert the reappearance of those reddish, purple, silvery or white streaks on your skin.

When you're determined to beat skin blemishes or imperfections and adopt various effective ways on how to prevent stretch marks from resurfacing, the first thing you may want to look at is your weight and diet.

When losing weight, try to consistently shed the excess pounds, rather than targeting drastic weight changes through crash or fad diets.

Limit sugar intake and load up on whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Stay adequately hydrated and try to veer away from soda, coffee and other caffeinated beverages that have a diuretic effect.

Go for therapeutic massage therapy, timed after a shower when skin's moist, using olive oil, vitamin E oil or vitamin C fluid.

When exploring holistic and natural ways on how to prevent stretch marks, your skin and overall health will benefit from regular exercise. That way, you'll be maintaining healthy weight and enhancing wellness, too.