Prevent Weeds, and Enjoy a Weed Free Garden

Whether you are a vegetable or flower gardener, you can prevent weeds from growing in your garden.

How, you ask?

You can prevent weeds from growing by blocking their exposure to the sun.

How do you block them from the sun?

Use kraft paper to cover your flower or vegetable garden, and cut holes in the paper to accommodate your plants. This will help to prevent weeds by blocking the surrounding soil from the sun.

It may take a little longer to plant your plants, using this method to prevent weeds, but you will definitely save time later on by not having to pull a weed…or two…or three…. A weed can be relentless, and a few will come up through the plant cut outs, but they can be easily handled.

Along with helping to prevent weeds, this method of planting will also conserve moisture in your garden. And best of all, there is no need to use harmful weed killers and herbicides in your gardens.

Things you’ll need to prevent weeds from growing in your garden.

Roll of kraft paper


Styrofoam or plastic cup

Box cutter

Pencil or pen

Yardstick or wood folding rule

Roll out the kraft paper, and mark the placement of your plants, measuring the distance between plants. Holding the cup, trace the size of the hole needed, and using a box cutter, cut out the hole. Make a note beside each hole of the particular plant to be planted there.

Lay the paper in the garden, and mark the planting spots by sprinkling a little flour into the hole.

Roll up the paper, and dig the holes.

Plant your plants using the paper as your guide. Water, and gently place the paper over the plants, easing them through the holes. (You will need someone to help you so you will not damage the plants.)

Use rocks or bricks to weight down the edges of the paper to keep it flat and to keep the wind from getting underneath. Water plants again (through the holes), and place grass clippings on the paper. Use grass clippings in your vegetable garden ONLY if you have not used chemicals on your yard.

Now, sit back, and enjoy your weed free garden.

In Closing

If you shop at Costco, or one of the other warehouse stores, look for large sheets of kraft paper there. (They also have large sheets of cardboard, and they, too, can be used to prevent weeds. They are a little harder to work with, but when you can get free materials, you can improvise.) My local store lets me have these sheets for free. If you use numerous sheets, number your sheets so you can keep them in order. Another bonus you receive from using this method to prevent weeds is that when the paper and grass break down, they help to improve the soil.  

This is the best way, I have found, to prevent weeds in my vegetable garden and in my flower garden, where I plant annuals. However, if you are designing and planting an area that you will not have to dig into each year, you might want to use landscape cloth to prevent weeds. Purchase, and install, a good quality landscape fabric, and it will prevent weeds from growing for a long time. On top of the landscape cloth, I use brick chips to protect it from sun exposure and to help retain moisture.

Some people use newspapers to prevent weeds. Newspapers have so many colored pictures, now, that I do not use them since I do not want the colored inks in my vegetable garden. Hopefully, one of these solutions will help you to prevent weeds in your garden.