Everyone experiences some hair breakage. Your hair naturally falls out all the time, and with all of the things we put it through, it's bound to become damaged-looking and broken sometimes. However, if doesn't have to be the story of your hair if you don't want it to be. Here are some things that will help your hair to be stronger and break less often. split ends

  • The most common cause of weak, breaking hair is the improper use of chemicals. If you perm, color or straighten your hair chemically, you need to take extra gentle care of it the rest of the time, because it will be more fragile than untreated hair. You should also be careful if you put in hair extensions or if you brush your hair the wrong way (backcombing/ratting) or braid it often.
  • Moisturizing your hair is essential, especially if you often use heat to style it. Heat dries out your hair and makes it more fragile, so adding moisture will add strength or at least flexibility. Less brittle hair won't break as easily. Try deep conditioning your hair regularly to add extra strength.
  • Use a conditioner that's right for your hair. You may want to try leave-in conditioners for a while if your hair is breaking consistently.
  • Wash your hair with shampoo at least once a week. Good hygiene is essential for healthy hair, and even if you're trying to wash your hair with conditioner only, it will be more healthy if you give it a good scrubbing each week - especially at the scalp.
  • Watch the ends of your hair for spit ends. You should be trimming your hair every 6 weeks to 2 months to keep it healthy and to keep split ends from working up from the ends.
  • Extreme hair styles can cause stress on your hair and that leads to breakage. Wear easier hair styles that let your hair do its own thing.
  • Be sure to comb your hair, but use a large tooth comb to prevent breakage from the combing. Be gentle and start at the ends. Your hair is most flexible when it's wet, so work out major tangles with a spray bottle.
  • Take vitamin E, which strengthens your hair (and nails).
You don't have to have damaged, split ends or hair that breaks at the scalp as long as you're willing to do a little work to keep your hair strong.