It is a fact that about 34% people who suffer a heart attack, die from it within the year. Indeed the statistics are alarming. It is also true that the recent years have seen a rise in heart attacks and women and the younger generation are also falling prey to this disease, which was initially targeting the over 65 years bracket.

heart-attack-preventionRight from lack of exercise to hectic lifestyles to even increased narcotic addictions, everything can be blamed as the cause of the increasing rate of heart attacks. While this killer disease is on a rapid rise, it is true that medical procedures related to cardiac emergencies are also gearing up to fight the problem. However, since prevention is better than cure, it is crucial that all of us look at ways of preventing heart attacks and thereby target a longer and stronger life.

Below are some tips that will help to prevent heart attacks –

  • Aerobics- One of the most common tips that you will hear of in terms of heart attack prevention is 'exercise'. However, not all types of exercise will work to prevent a heart attack. Slow and heavy weight lighting may give you strong muscles and sometimes even a back injury, but will not help prevent a heart attack. It is an aerobic exercise that will help seal the deal in this case. So right from cycling to power yoga to even a brisk walk, everything will work if you are able to do it for at least 45 minutes, five days a week.
  • Balanced diet – You are what you eat and this is very true for your heart condition. So when looking to prevent a heart attack, make sure you eat healthy foods. Most people will misinterpret this as, do not eat unhealthy food. However, the point here is eat healthy food and at the right time and in the right proportions. Just eating green vegetables and fruits is not enough, you body needs calcium, carbohydrates and fat too. So follow the food chart and make sure your diet is a balanced one that helps your heart flourishes.
  • Low Stress- While a lot of attention is given to the physical state of a person, we sometimes tend to ignore the play of the mind and the repercussions that your system faces due to stress. Stress has been known to play a huge role in heart attacks and this is why it is important to keep stress levels low. Meditation helps control stress and is highly recommended specially for those leading hectic and stressful lives.

These are only some of the tips that will come in handy in prevention of a heart attack. Regular checkups and steering clearing of smoking and drinking will also help keep your heart safe.