Have sweet dreams and healthy sleep habits

Our health is of utmost importance to our life, our state of well being. Preventing and eliminating insomnia should be a priority no matter what you need to do, eliminating stress may be the key source.To have a good night's sleep contributes to our overall ability to function in the daily reality, to our optimum level. If you find yourself waking up in the middle of the night or never going to bed, there are some suggestions that may help you handle sleepless nights and prevent--then completely eliminate--insomnia..

Step 1

Realize early on that you have a nagging situation and will not be able to sleep well. You want to nip this in the bud and start conditioning your mind and body for a good night's sleep, endeavor to prevent insomnia.

Step 2

Prepare in advance with all of the known preventions like: healthy nutritious meals, no caffeine or alcohol, walk or hike as a moderate type of exercise.

Step 3

Listen to relaxing music or a guided meditation that will put you in a calmer, more centered place. Take in the sounds of nature, waterfalls and birds; start adjusting your mood, slowing your mind, taking you to that peaceful intuitive state.

Relax with a guided meditation or yoga exercises

Step 4

Take a hot bath with aromatherapy salts or oils. Soak for a while, by candlelight, as you contemplate a wholesome, dream filled sleep. Erase all stress related or anxious thoughts of your upcoming obligations.

Step 5

Make yourself a beverage that will help you sleep. Warm milk and melted butter is an old stand-by. A non-caffeinated warm tea like chamomile can sooth and relax enough to allow sleep to float in.

Step 6

Light a tea candle under a bowl of essential oil to permeate the air with yet another layer of relaxing smells, contributing to your inner balance.

Step 7

Consider these options in the middle of the night to prevent and eliminate insomnia. All of these suggestions will help you relax and eventually fall asleep. Visualize yourself as very heavy and unable to lift your limbs or body. Lay in bed aligned, comfortable. Make sure your head and neck are supported in a comfortable position.

Tips & Warnings

Take a melatonin supplement to help you fall asleep.

Avoid alcohol as this will contribute to insomnia at some point.