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Rats can be the most cunning rodents in any household and any home-owner will always be on the run, trying to figure out how to get rid of rats in the house once they creep in. Unlike other rodents which rarely slip into your house, rats will actually dine, sleep, play and interrupt your nice sleep with their cheerful chirps all night through.

As if that's not cunning enough, they will also destroy your side-board and ceilings, electrical cables' insulation or drill through your most expensive suit once they slip into your clothes-to-be-washed bins. Rats are also eminent parasite and disease vectors, thus, they can easily transmit diseases to you or to your pets.

However, a few tricks on how to get rid of rats in the house and some preventive measures can actually keep your house free from rats all the time. Outlined below are some of the most effective methods that one can use…

Preventive Measures: Or maybe you should hire a Professional Rat Exterminator.

>>>> Keeping litter bins tightly closed.
>>>> Preventing undergrowth in your yard from becoming too overgrown.
>>>> Ensuring that birds and pets' meal leftovers are immediately disposed of.

If you are unlucky to have been outplayed by the rats in the prevention bit, you will only have to look for ways of how to get rid of rats in the house. Some of the methods which have been very effective in rodent control in the house include:

rats in houseCredit: google images>>>> Use of snap traps…These traps are always baited, and are designed in a way that the rat will trigger the trap to snap and kill it instantly. Use of aromatic foods such as roasted beef, handling the traps with gloves and passing the trap through an open fire after use to keep off the rats' blood scent significantly boosts the effectiveness of this method.

>>>> Use of live traps…Some rat traps are designed in a way that the rat will easily slide into the trap but will not manage to get out of it. Just like the snap traps, live traps are also baited with aromatic foods but they do not inflict any form of injury to the rat. One may opt to kill the trapped rat or simply take it away to a place far away from the house.

>>>> Use of baited adhesive traps…Some rat traps use adhesives which are strong enough to trap the rats, keeping it restrained until it dies. Some people feel that this method is a bit cruel but it still often used.

>>>> Use of rat poisons…Use of rat poison may also be considered as a good option especially if the rats seem to be very elusive on the traps. Most of these poisons will always have a component that tends to prevent carcass decomposition after the poisoned rat dies, which ensures that there will be no foul smell in the house after successful rat poisoning.

This method should however be used with caution to prevent cross contamination to human beings or pet poisoning incidences.

>>>> Use of Rat RepellantsRat and mice repellants are commercially-made substances, availed either in powder form or in liquid form. Ideally, the repellants tend to keep the rats away, with most of them finding their way out of the house "voluntarily".

In some cases, keeping cats as pets at home keeps the rats away. Even with present-day cats dining in cornflakes, protein meals, biscuits and other pet foods, preying on rats still remains a "cat-inborn thing" that acts to the advantage of any home owner in search of effective methods of controlling rats in the house.