It seems that those warm summer months are just flying by. Pretty soon, we will be feeling that chill in the air and think about ways that we can prevent the flu now. It never fails that doctors and TV shows will start talking about the vaccines and shortages of them starting as soon as the temperature on the thermometer starts to drop. There is a good reason for this. The best way to go about not getting sick this year is to work on ways to prevent the flu now.


You may think that you are healthy and that there is no way that you could get sick. You may also believe that the vaccine is the only thing that you need to be safe. Unfortunately, both of these statements are probably not true. Each year, fairly healthy people who have gotten the vaccine come down with this illness. They did not take these simple extra steps to prevent the flu.


Step One


Stay away from anyone who has a cold. This is just a good thing to do whether you want to prevent the flu or some other illness. More and more people push to come into work and school even when they are not feeling well. With most illnesses being contagious, this is not good for the people around them. One sick coworker being in your are, and all of the things that you have done to prevent the flu can go right down the drain. Now you can not make people stay home, however you can keep away from them and avoid using items that they have touched.


Step Two


Keep disinfectant wipes with you and at your desk at work to help prevent the flu. You never know who may have touched or sneezed on something in your absence. It is important to sanitize all surfaces regularly to stop germs from spreading from one person to another. Pay particular attention to any phones that you use. These are the culprit of many times that you have gotten sick in the past.


Step Three


Use your own coffee cup and keep it wit you when you are at work. Many companies will put out reusable coffee cups for the workers to share. If you want to prevent the flu you will want to stay away from these. They may be good for the environment but they will be bad for your immune system. Keep your own coffee cup at your desk and clean it and store it in your desk when not in use to prevent the flu.


Step Four


Wash your hands often through out the day with a good anti bacterial soap to prevent the flu. Many of the moisturizing and smelly soaps are not anti bacterial. You will want to pay attention to the labels of what you are using. When you are out, even washing with these non anti bacterial versions is better then nothing. The key is to clean your hands often because they come into contact with the most germs through out your day.