If you plan on selling your vintage antique jewelry for some extra cash, don't trust your thoughts on what it may be worth. There are ways to be in the know on vintage antique jewelry. It may be costume or genuine gems but it's worth the effort to do your research. This way you will know its value and how to be fair in pricing it as well as getting a fair price. Most people don't realize the value of antique jewelry, so it will be to your advantage to take the time and get an idea.

Things You Will Need

identification books

Step 1

antique jewelry

Search for your item on E-Bay. If you use E-bay as a way to price your vintage jewelry, make sure you realize that what is paid on E-bay is not the value of the product. It is a suggested price of what someone will pay for the product. The value can be much higher at times, depending on what kind of product it is.

Step 2

Look for your antique jewelry in antique stores or second hand shops. Antique stores will price their products closer to the value of the product. Second hand or vintage thrift stores will price below the Antique stores. That being said, it would be easier to price your item at an antique store (if you can find the same item or similar item).

Step 3

Try searching for your vintage jewelry online. There are many antique stores online. These may actually be priced below physical antique stores as the overhead is so much lower. This is a good way to price your items online to a degree. They have very little overhead so they have a chance to sell more at a lower price. So don't base the value completely on these prices.

Step 4

Use Identification and Price value books to find your vintage antique jewelry and to get a suggested price as well. Price Value books if it is a current book can be very accurate in pricing an item. The problem is, you can't always find the exact item in the book as no one book can cover the market in all the antiques that exist.

Tips & Warnings

If you use a few of these methods to price your items, not just one method, you can come up with a good idea of the value.Take your time in finding the value or you may be sorry later.