Twenty Dollar Bills (21744)
Twenty Dollar Bills
Well, I do not recommend that you print your own money. If you print them on a Friday, then you might have a fantastic week-end, but the chances are high that you will be arrested already on Monday before lunch.

Work for others
But you don't have to print your own money. There are many other ways where you can earn extra money.
You could of course take some extra jobs and earn some extra money. It could be overtime at your present job with some extra pay, or it could be something completely different than your ordinary kind of work, a night or an evening job, or a week-end job which you could combine with one of your hobbies, - it might even give you some money and some fun at the same time.

Start your own business
Instead of working for others, then you could of course begin to work for yourself. But most likely you will need a lot of money for the 'start up' capital. And if you or your family don't have the capital yourself, then you need to go to the bank. The bank will demand that you write a business plan that they will review carefully before they lend you any money. So therefore, you do as the bank ask you to do, - you write a business plan! - (Stop a second!) Write? - Do you know that you can earn money by writing articles?

Write articles
You can earn money if you write and publish articles on the Internet. Your articles will not be printed, so it is not a printing machine where you print your own money. But it is a publishing machine where you can create a steady income for yourself (It can even be a residual income where you earn easy money for many years).
There are several different ways of earning:
a) You can write articles that functions as advertisements.
b) You can sell the copyrights and receive a fixed amount for your writings (The price for each article could be anywhere from a few dollars to ten dollars, or maybe much higher if you are an expert).
c) Or you could publish your article through one of the many Internet companies who are in this kind of business.
Some of these companies will pay you directly (To your PayPal or bank account), and some of those companies will tell you in detail how your income is calculated whereas others keep it as a big secret (you have to ask yourself whether you want to deal with a company that keeps secrets from you).
To other companies you submit your account with Google Adsense, Amazon, and/or others. And these companies then pay you directly to your account with them.
There are also big differences in how much you will earn with those article submission companies who let you earn money this way: Some give you 50% of the income, others much more.
The best deal is InfoBarrel who as the basic rate gives you 75% but if you write articles frequently, then it is easy to increase this to a record high 90%.
You can sign up for a 'no cost' account with InfoBarrel here.

Earn money on the Internet
In addition to get income based on article writing, then there are several other ways of how to earn money on the Internet. The most obvious is Affiliate Marketing, where you promote products being sold by others on the Internet. It functions this way: When a visitor finds the seller via one of your links, and then buys something (quite often within the next 60 days), then you get a commission.
An article at InfoBarrel can have two contextual links but you must remember this: Do not oversell, or rather do not sell at all in your article! Many Internet Marketeers who sell on the Internet forget this: People do not visit the Internet to buy stuff, they go there to communicate with others or they want to get some information! If 100 people go to the mall or the supermarket then 98+ will buy something. If 100 people go to the Internet then less than 2 will buy something
In addition to the contextual links inside your article, then InfoBarrel allows you to have two links in your signature; these two links can be very useful to earn extra money.

Join InfoBarrel and InfoBarrel Forum
When you join InfoBarrel, then you will also get access to a very friendly forum, where happy and positive people help each other to earn extra money. The InfoBarrel forum is a huge source of knowledge about how to get residual income and how to earn extra money when you write articles.
Actually the InfoBarrel Forum tells the full story about the advantages of article writing, so join InfoBarrel here, instead of some of the other article submission companies that have forums with a lot of unhappy and complaining members (Or maybe they don't even have a forum! One can only guess, why?)

Twenty Dollar Bills