Rather than print all of your beautiful photos and artwork on traditional photo paper, which can often be difficult to work with, try printing your unforgettable photo on canvas. Photographs that have been digitally printed on canvas material can transform your images to an entire different level, adding depth and additional interest to your favorite piece of artwork. The following describes in simple steps how you can print your photos and artwork on canvas.


Step 1: you will need to first find an image to work with. Browse through your favorite photos and pieces of artwork that you would be interested in having printed on canvas. Many people often choose family photos, wedding portraits, and even favorite drawings that may have been drawn by children.


Step 2: Once you have selected the photo you want printed on canvas, you will then want to optimize how you want the image printed, ensuring that the shot comes out in high quality. You can use any photo imaging software such as Adobe photoshop, picasa, or even a free version like GIMP, to digitally enhance the image. You should adjust the brightness and darkness settings, improve the colorization such that certain hues appear more intense, and crop the photo to accentuate specific details.

It helps to take a step back from the screen several times to not only review the colors and brightness, but to also adjust the image composition as well. It will not be possible to make adjustments to the image once it is already printed on canvas, so take as much time as necessary to rotate, crop, and do anything else to ensure that the image looks perfect.


Step 3: Once you have completed manipulating the photo and artwork you want printed on canvas, determine the size of the canvas, as well as orientation of the final image, whether portrait or landscape. Scout out a location wherever you intend to hang this canvas to make sure that you have ample room for this new piece of art. Unlike traditional photography paper, you will not be able to cut and resize these images once they have already been printed.

You should use measuring tape to find the maximum dimensions that you will be able to fit into each particular space. Once you have completed this, then you can select an appropriate size from the website that you'll be printing the your photo on canvas from.


Canvas-printing websites will typically offer the following sizes: 11x14, 16x20, 16x24, 20x30, 24x24, 24x36, and 30x40. You can always ask for custom sizes, but the price will increase significantly.


Step 4: The majority of professional online photography service sites already offer a print your photo on canvas print service. You can browse around at some of their suggestions and samples to identify a service that properly matches your needs. Then it is just a matter of submitting your order!