DVRs are nearly as common as cable boxes these days, and TiVo was the first DVR to gain massive popularity and to this day TiVo remains the best DVR with the easiest interface. TiVo offer better features than the standard DVR, such as TiVo Suggestions. Tivo also offers various "easter eggs" for advanced users that other DVRs do not. One of TiVo's easter eggs is the 30 Second Skip, which makes it much easier to skip through commercials which are usually timed in increments of 30 seconds. It's particularly useful for shows that tell you they will be back in 60 seconds, 90 seconds, etc... Just click the 30 second skip button, 2, 3 times, etc... and you've skipped all of the commercials in a commercial break without fast-forwarding into your show & needed to rewind, etc...

In order to program you Tivo remote with the 30 second skip feature, follow the steps below:

  1. Be in front of your TV with your TiVo remote. This works with all TiVo models.

  2. Start playing any recording--for some reason you must be watching a recording rather than live TV to enable this feature.

  3. Press the following buttons:

  4. At this point you should hear three TiVo "bongs" (Note: If you have TiVo sounds disabled you will not hear the bongs), this means the 30-second skip feature is now enabled on your remote.

  5. Now your "skip-to-hash" or "skip to beginning/end" button (whichever you call it--it is a right facing arrow button with a line that is to the right of the slow button and the DVR toggle switch) when pressed will skip forward 30 seconds on recordings or cached live programming.

  6. If you still want to use that button to skip to the next hash mark (usually the 15 minute mark in recordings) you can do so by fast-forwarding and pressing the button. You can also jump back to the previous recording by rewinding and pressing the button.

  • This works with Series 1, Series 2, HDTiVo, and Premiere Tivos.
  • This trick allows you to easily skip commercials.
  • Often times when the TiVo has a software update this "easter egg" gets disabled and you will have to go through these steps again. Luckily it only takes seconds!