For live or web conference ILT (Instructor Led Training) elearning on BlackBerry applications, no tool is more valuable than being able to project your BlackBerry's screen on a PC. If you're web conferencing, sharing your PC's screen will allow users to watch every step live as you demonstrate BlackBerry applications and functions. For instructor led training, projecting your PC's screen in a conference room or classroom provides the same visual access to that tiny little screen in your hand. Projecting your BlackBerry screen on a PC and Project Screen is and effective learning tool, and the software is free and easy. You can even record the screen for playback and further learning modules.

Things You Will Need


BlackBerry Desktop Manager Software

Data Cable

BBScreenStream Software


Projector and screen

Step 1

Make sure you have the BlackBerry Desktop Manager software installed.

Certain components are required for the BBScreenStream software to work properly

Step 2

Connect your BlackBerry Smartphone to your PC with the USB data cable supplied with your phone.

Step 3

If you haven't done so already, download and install the BBScreenStream software.

Links are provided below.

Step 4

JavaLoader Download Site

The first time you run BBScreenStream, you'll be prompted for the location of JavaLoader.exe. Browse to indicate the proper path to the file.

If you don't already have the JavaLoader.exe file on your PC, you can download it through the links provided below.

Step 5

Press Play

With the BBScreenStream application running, click the play button to start displaying your BlackBerry screen on your monitor. Simply connect your PC or laptop to the projector to show the entire room.

Step 6


Click the Record button to create an avi movie of your BlackBerry screen.


Tips & Warnings