Canoeing is a great sport to get into. Picking out the right kind of canoe, paddling and even getting into your canoe are all very important. It is important to read up on the rules of canoeing before you step into one. If not, you could be in for a disaster.

Things You Will Need

source of water

Step 1

First, decide on the type of canoe you are going to get. The material, brand and model are all important aspects to think about when picking out a canoe. An aluminum canoe will tend to not last as long as a canoe that is made of Royal ex. Royal ex canoes are extremely durable and can usually handle extreme white water rafting. Even large boulders are hard to take out a canoe made of this material. It definitely will not sink, but could crease if used roughly. The reason why a canoe made of Royal ex will not sink is because between the interior and exterior material there is a layer of flotation that will keep the canoe afloat during rough adventures. Do some thorough research when picking out your canoe.

Step 2

The next step to canoeing would be to understand how to get in. Many people tend to get in their canoe by stepping in the front of the boat. The trick is to move your canoe to an angle and step in at the center. By stepping in on the front, you are putting an uneven amount of weight on the canoe which could cause it to easily tip.

Step 3

Once you have gotten into your canoe use both paddles to push off of the shore. If you prefer to only use one paddle, then you can push off with just a single paddle. If you are using two paddles be sure to lock them together after you push off so they are secure for you when paddling.

Step 4

When you are out on the lake or river, steer your canoe using one or two paddles, whichever is easier for you. Switch sides in which way you want to steer

Canoeing is a great sport and you should start your children out young. Getting them on the water is important so they don't develop a fear of water. If your child is already afraid of water then it is important to get them into swimming lessons. Swimming is beneficial for a child to learn as it helps them become stronger. Also, there are many sports on the water including kayaking, diving, sailing and more. If you are afraid of water then you most likely would not want to participate in these sports.

The most important thing to remember when in your canoe is to stay still so the boat does not tip. It is pretty hard to tip a canoe however, you should always use caution, especially when a beginner. If the waves are high you should rethink if you really want to go out on the lake or not. Using a life jacket is the best choice you can make when going canoeing in the water.

Tips & Warnings