How to Properly Care for Your Power Tools

A company that installs and polishes stone will probably own a pretty large arsenal of power tools. To work with any type of stone, they generally need grinders, a floor polishing machine and a variety of saws or drills to drill holes in stone. All of this can add up quickly. Most of these tools are available at nearly any home improvement store or hardware store, though if the company needs a large amount of tools, they might be better off buying from a company that sells directly to stone installers and polishers. An important part of owning a business that uses many different kinds of power tools is having knowledge of how to operate and care for those tools. This is to keep employees safe and also to keep the tools in top working condition for as long as possible. If the company installs and polishes stone, they will probably be hired to install and polish granite and concrete floors. Polishing granite and concrete requires a grinder and a floor polishing machine equipped with diamond polishing pads. Once the company installs the granite floors (concrete should already be poured) it’s time to grind them down and break out the floor polishing machine. After the polishing is finished, grout and other miracle sealants should be applied to make the granite watertight.

This is when knowledge of proper power tool care comes into play. Caring for various power tools involves proper cleaning and put-away procedures. If a blade for cutting granite was used before the floor was installed and polished, it needs to be examined for wear and tear or to see if there is any material gumming up the blade. It’s easy to see if a diamond granite blade is wearing out or if it’s jammed with the granite particles because the blade gets “snagged” while cutting. When this happens, the diamonds in the blade should be checked. If the diamonds are starting to fall out, then it’s time to replace the granite blade. If it’s just jammed, the blade can be cleaned by cutting into a piece of concrete to clear the blade out. The same goes for a walk-behind concrete saw. They are also typically equipped with diamond blades to cut concrete or granite.

Stone companies might also be hired by a business to give a concrete or granite floor its annual polishing. Usually after polishing granite and concrete and then applying miracle sealers overtop, just a little water and mild soap is needed to keep it clean. However, if the floor experiences heavy traffic, it should be treated with granite wax or granite conditioner at least once a year. This is done with a floor polishing machine that does not have diamond pads. For polishing granite and concrete, the machine simply needs regular buffing pads to apply the granite wax. To clean the floor polishing machine, the pads must be removed and cleaned of the granite wax or granite conditioner. A high-quality pad can be used several times before it needs to be replaced. The actual floor polishing machine doesn’t need any in-depth care; just regular check-ups on the cord so that it doesn’t get stripped and expose wires. The machines should also be checked out every once in a while to make sure they’re still running properly.