Hockey is quite possibly the greatest sport in the world. It has all of the speed of basketball and soccer, all of the strategy and risk taking as American football, and all of the heavy hitting concussion inducing power of a boxing match. It's all of the great sports wrapped into one and thrown onto ice to make it that much more difficult.

The problem is, the hockey fan base is slowly dwindling. We may have teams all across North America now but hockey hardly gets any television coverage in the United States and when it does it is of poor quality. If we want to bring the hockey fan back to America and strengthen this great sport we need to start showing off just how much we love it.

We need to start supporting our favorite hockey teams! Here's a little guide that will tell you how you can show off your love for your favorite hockey team without spending a lot of money.

Things You Will Need

All you're going to need for this little experiment in fanboy mania is:

A dedicated love of the hockey and the National Hockey League.
A favorite NHL hockey team like the Boston Bruins or the Florida Panthers.
A group of friends who enjoy getting out there on the ice and playing hockey whenever possible.

You might also find it necessary to own one or more hockey jerseys with your favorite team's logo on them. I like to own all three types of hockey jerseys from my favorite team. I've got the Bruin's away team jersey, their home team jersey, and their alternate jersey. That way I can go out on the town after a game and never have to wear the same thing two days in a row.
So let's get down the the brass tax shall we? In order to truely dedicate yourself to a particular team and show everyone you know (and every stranger who might eventually know you) that you love your hockey and love your local hockey team, you're going to have to display your banner of love (your hockey jersey) as often as you can.

That means that whenever you leave the house you're going to want to wear the hockey jersey. This is going to have the most effect during the off season and during the playoffs (especially if your team is good enough to make it far in the play offs) because remember, the ultimate goal is to get people to notice hockey and think it is more popular than it really is.

If more and more people start wearing their hockey jerseys everywhere they go you will see a steady rise in interest in hockey as a sport. The football and basketball fans already do this. We hockey fans need to show our support and wear our jerseys not to just the games but to the bars and the clubs as well. Get the word out there that hockey is great and it's here to stay.

Tips & Warnings

Please remember to wash your hockey jersey regularly. If you don't, you're going to smell, and if you smell, no one is going to like you. We want people to like you so that they will in turn like the things you like... such as the sport of hockey.