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Just because you wear dentures does not mean you have to use an adhesive to keep them in place. If your dentures fit secure and snug in your mouth, you may find no need for any type of adhesive at all. There are many denture wearers who feel much more comfortable using something to secure their dentures in place, especially during work or social functions. For these individuals, an adhesive is a must for both aesthetic and functional purposes.<?p>

What Kind of Adhesive Should You Use

There are no set rules concerning what type of denture adhesive to use with your dentures. Some denture adhesivesmay work better than others due to the way they are made or the quality of the product. Most people choose a denture adhesive through trial and error. Others may get a good recommendation on an adhesive brand through their relatives, friends or family dentist. If you are going to be wearing dentures for a while, it is best to try several types and brands of denture adhesives yourself, then choose the one you like best.

Purpose of Denture Adhesives

Dentures adhesives serve several purposes. The main purpose is to hold your dentures in place so they do not shift or wobble as you eat, talk, laugh, etc. A denture adhesive can help you feel more comfortable eating crunchy or hard foods as you have more confidence your dentures will not become loose or fall off. Some people feel more secure using an adhesive any time they are out in public, to avoid the possibility of embarrassment in social or professional settings.

Denture adhesives can also prevent foods from being stuck between your teeth and gum. As food gets lodged between the gum and base of your dentures, it causes bacteria to set in. Over time, these bacteria can cause infection on your gums. Food buildup also requires that you clean your dentures much more frequently, which is extra work for you. Not all denture wearers experience problems along this line. If you do, however, using a denture adhesive can help resolve this problem.

Precautions to Using Denture Adhesives

Some dentists are cautious about the excessive use of denture adhesives, especially products containing zinc or other harmful chemicals. Using these adhesives too often or in excess amount can be harmful to your health. By following the instructions on the package, you should have no trouble knowing how much adhesive to use per application. Usually these products require only small amounts for adequate service. As far as how often to use an adhesive, you may want to check with your dentist for his or her professional counsel on the matter.

Denture adhesives were designed to help people feel more at ease with their dentures by keeping dentures firmly in place at all times. Denture wearers often feel self-conscious with false teeth as it is. The thought of the teeth becoming loose or falling off in public can cause undue worry and strain. By using a quality denture adhesive, this fear can be removed. As a result, you can relax and enjoy the company of others to the full.