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If you’re like me, you keep your car as clean as possible. I find myself washing my car at least once a week. To me it’s important that my vehicle remains in pristine condition. Living in the Midwest during the winter, the salt and sand can start to deteriorate your car. If you don’t wash your car regularly, the salt can get into the fine scratches on your body panels, creating rust. This rust causes many issues to your vehicle and to the resale value.

Often times many people will bring their vehicle to the local automated wash. It can offer a cheap and easier service then doing it yourself. Some car washes also believe that using their service will save the environment compared to washing it in your driveway. The problem is many washes use different brushes and cleaners that will clean the car, but they will also create more scratches. Well I only use the touch less car wash, does that hurt my vehicle? Yes they don’t cause as many scratches but they can create your paint to bubble. They also don’t do a good job in cleaning your vehicle. So what’s the point in paying for it?

Today I am going to inform you how you should wash and dry your vehicle. Doing it yourself is much safer and cheaper for your vehicle in the long run. It will cost more in the beginning, but over time you will save yourself money. I will be focusing on what products you should be using to clean your car and how you should wash and dry it.


When buying the different products you need, it’s important to pick a brand that has a good reputation because they will clean and protect your car then the other brands. Below I will be posting the products I recommend using. I am a bit biased when it comes to auto products but these products do a great job. I will not being linking every product but with some research you can find them.

Car Wash Soap- Meguiars Ultimate Wash and Wax

Micro weave Towel- Meguiars Water Magnet

 Two Buckets with Grit Guards

Meguiars Microfiber Wash Mitt

Meguiars Hot Tire cleaner

Bug and Tar remover

Washing Methods

Washing your car seems like a very simply process, which it is. However, there is a correct and incorrect way to do it. I am going to show you one of the correct ways to do it.

First I want you to park your car in a shaded area away from the sun. The sun dries soap faster and creates water spots. After you have parked your car, take one of the buckets and one of the grit guards; put the correct amount of soap needed for dilution and add water. The grit guard is used to separate the dirt and water.  The other bucket should be filled with just water. This is what we call the two-bucket method. You simply put your wash mitt into the soapy bucket, apply to your vehicle, then rinse it out in the second bucket. You now want to take your average garden house and apply water to the wheels and front end of the vehicle. Before washing the vehicle it’s helpful to clean the wheels and front of the car first. This way you can get rid of all the bugs and major debris. Take your Bug and Tar Remover and remove the gunk or bugs from the front end by applying firm pressure. Now apply your Hot Tire Cleaner to your rims/tires and use the same bug remover to remove brake dust or debris.

We will now be moving on to washing the entire vehicle. You will take your garden hose and apply water to the entire vehicle. After doing so, you will take your Wash Mitt and wash your vehicle top to bottom. Cleaning the vehicle from top to bottom is similar to cleaning, the top falls to the bottom. After you have completed a section of the car, you should wash it down before moving on to the next section. When going through this process, remember to use the “Two Bucket Method” and rinse your mitt often. After washing and rinsing the vehicle, I usually give the entire vehicle one last rinse before moving on to the drying part. 

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After the vehicle is washed you must dry it as soon as possible. If you are located in the shade you have a bit more time but even two minute in the sun and it creates water spots. If you are an avid car enthusiast who is willing to pay top dollar to keep their car clean, I recommend purchasing the Master Blaster. This little thing can dry the majority of your vehicle in a fraction of the time. You use this simple tool to dry the car and then finish, by going over with your Micro weave Towel to get any other water. If the Master Blaster isn’t an option you can simply dry your vehicle top to bottom using the Micro weave towel.

This is the best way you can wash and dry your vehicle. The two bucket method avoids rubbing any rocks or sand against your vehicle when washing it. The microfiber and micro weave towels get rid of any debris or foreign material from the body of your vehicle. The many cleaning products I provided create a clean and protected coat to your vehicle. As an avid car enthusiast, it’s important to me to have a clean and protected surface for my vehicle.

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