Protecting your business from natural disasters

Natural Disasters aren’t particular in who they bring destruction to. Individuals, homeowners, and business owners alike may all face the devastation of natural disasters throughout their life.  Whether by fire or flood, hurricane or earthquake, the damages that can come from natural disasters can be devastating.  The following are a few tips for keeping your business safe and minimizing the damages that can come from a natural disaster:

  1. Flood insurance is important, especially if you life in a high risk area.  While you may only think about flood insurance for your home, having flood insurance for you business can be just as crucial.  Be sure to find out if your business is in an area that is at a high risk for natural disasters and if it is, immediately look into purchasing flood (or fire or earthquake) insurance.
  2. Backup everything – even things you may think you don’t need.  When you run a business, there are endless amounts of important documents that would send your company into a whirlwind if lost.  Create electronic copies of these documents and store them on a remote server that has no chance of being destroyed in the event of a natural disaster.  While fire and water proof safes can be a good idea, a remote location with electronic copies of important documents is even better.
  3. When it comes to protecting your tangible assets, developing an inventory system can be your greatest tool.  Keeping careful record of all of the things belonging to your business can be helpful for a number of reasons.  If you are given enough advance warning about a natural disaster, your inventory list will help ensure that everything is accounted for as you move inventory to a safe location.  If, by chance, a portion of your inventory is destroyed in the disaster, having an accurate inventory system will be helpful as you report your losses to your insurance company.
  4. Lastly, and most importantly, have a plan.  Consider all possibilities of a natural disaster prior to one happening and you’ll be better prepared in the event that one does come along and potentially affect your business. Know where the safest place to be is, what things you would most like to take from the office, and be prepared with the above mentioned items prior to something happening.