If you are not very computer savvy you might be worried that your computer will catch a cold and you will have to buy another one. You need to protect your data from viruses and spywares. What are they and how can you protect your computer?

Viruses and Spywares

Viruses and Spywares are computer programs that are designed to damaged your computers. Some of these programs also collect personal information and send them to criminals who might use them for personal gains. Why would anyone want to create a program that damages computers? There are many reasons for this. There are the people who experiment and release computer programs just for intellectual reasons. Some are recluse who are in search of fame and recognition by their peer in the programming world. Others have a more criminal intent. They want to make money by selling your personal details like credit cards or other useful information. Some create malicious programs to get access to personal information on your computers like photos. This information can be damaging to celebrities or famous people like politicians. Imagine someone posting intimate pictures of your on the internet

Companies that create anti-virus or anti-spyware programs are sometimes behind the release of malicious programs. They do this so that people will buy their products.

How do you protect your computer?

If you don't have to connect to the internet, there is no reason to buy an anti-virus or anti-spyware program. Some will argue that it is not what the money if you buy a computer and you never connect to the internet. That might be the case but not everyone needs the internet. If you don't use the internet, there is no point in buying an anti-virus program. If you don't share Usb sticks with others you are pretty safe and you don't have to do anything. For the rest of us who are internet addicts what can must be done to protect your computer without taking a bank loan?

Microsoft Windows Defender: This protection is basic but it is better than nothing. Furthermore, it is free and comes pre-installed on your computer of you are running Microsoft Windows.

Avast is a free anti-virus program that you can download and install on your computer. The more advanced feature of this program are not free. They are reasonably priced and affordable if you do decide to buy them. However, you could stick with the free version and you will get a decent protection. The Avast free anti-virus also comes with a feature called the file system shield. It monitors your file system and prevents any malicious program from being installed

The best protection from viruses and spywares is common sense. You should avoid visiting dubious websites or downloading attachments to emails. Even if they are from trusted friends or family, you should still be cautious.

Google toolbar is another way to protect your computer. You could activate pop-up blocker and also use the feature from Google that blocks certain known problematic sites. The more you understand how computers and web surfing relate to each other, the easier it will become to protect your computer from viruses that could lead to data loss.