Concrete garage floor can be kept nice by applying sealer. The garage floor can be protected with the application of acrylic sealer. The concrete garage sealer will protect the floor from moisture damage and any road salt that you might bring in on your tires. You can change your oil without worrying about it staining the floor. The sealer makes the floor oil resistant.

If you plan on applying the sealer yourself you will need the following items, a bucket, a brush, goggles, sealer, paint roller and rubber gloves. Make sure you have the garage door open for ventilation and quicker drying time.

Before you start the job, clean the surface of the garage-floor. Try to remove any stains from the floor. Rinse any soap or cleaning products off the floor. A roller with a long handle works great to apply the sealer. For the corners, you need a small paintbrush.

Some examples of a good sealer are Thompson's WaterSeal, V-Seal concrete sealers and Brickform brands to name a few. Top quality brands are water resistant and stain resistant.

There are a few different types of concrete garage sealer. The two main groups are penetrants and film formers. Penetrating sealers react chemically in the concrete to prevent moisture penetration. The surface color does not change with application. They serve to lengthen the life of the concrete. Film formers work for decorative concrete and form a protective film on top of the surface of the concrete floor.

There are also sub-types of film formers. Polyurethanes are thick and provide abrasion, chemical resistance to daily wear and tear. Acrylics are another film former and the easiest to apply. With Acrylics being the less expensive and still provide protection. Lastly, epoxies are a film former that is abrasive-resistant and works well with concrete surfaces.

Consider your personal situation before selecting sealer; did you just get your concrete floor poured? Alternatively, are you sealing an existing floor? Selecting the proper product will depend on if the product can be used on just poured concrete or not. Cure and seal products can be applied to concrete that has just been poured. Where as some products require at least two weeks for concrete to dry before a straight-sealer can be applied?

A new concrete garage floor is expensive and needs to be protected. You want to prevent water damage, prevent cracks, damage from freezing and chemicals. So look over all the options and select the product that works well for your needs.